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Bella Turf: Get the Best Artificial Turf for Every Situation

The artificial turf or grass market is already a billion-dollar industry globally. According to the latest reports, it is expected to grow to about 114 billion US dollars by the year 2028.

The increasing popularity of artificial turf has been reflected in Canada, too. Every year, hundreds of Canadians enquire about high-quality artificial turf solutions. And the lion’s share of these inquiries ends up at Bella Turf, Canada’s proud artificial turf partner.

Bella Turf: An Overview

Bella Turf is a reputed artificial turf business based in Canada. The company is famous for offering the most realistic artificial grass in and around the country. The ease of purchase and the simplicity of the installation have made Bella Turf grass incredibly popular.

Previous customers of Bella Turf swear by the quality of the company’s products and rave about the company’s commitmentto its customers. A fully functional customer service team is available 24/7 at Bella Turf.

Bella Turf: Grass Options Available

Bella Turf maintains an impressive collection of grass options for customers to choose from. Each grass type is suitable for specific land types. Customers can consult Bella Turf experts regarding the best suitable grass type for their land or property.

The grass options available at Bella Turf are as follows.

· WaveBlade

· U-Shape

· S-Shape

· DiamondBlade

· TwistBlade

· Stem Grass

Although each grass type offers different shapes and different properties, they are all very long-lasting, high-quality turf.

Bella Turf: Servicing Systems

The turf solutions from Bella Turf are helpful for a wide variety of installations. That is, there is a dedicated turf solution at Bella Turf that meets every requirement possible. Some turf systems available for installation at Bella Turf are as follows.

· Landscape

· Playground

· Pet

· Gym

· Sports

· Golf

· Rooftops, Patios, and Decks

The Bella Turf team understands that the artificial turf requirements for each of the systems mentioned above are different. So, they have paid particular attention to each system and devised the best turf solution.

In addition to the existing turf systems, Bella Turf offers customers the opportunity to customize their artificial turf. Customization is primarily available for the color of the turf. The available turf colors at Bella Turf are as follows.

· Different shades of green

· Red

· Blue

· Black

· White

· Yellow

· Purple

· Orange, etc.

Customization options are also available in the style and length of the grass blades.

Bella Turf: Features

Some essential features make Bella Turf the top-rated in its category. Some of those most popular features are as follows.

All the artificial grass content from Bella Turf is 100% recyclable. They also cause minimal fuel wastage and carbon emissions. So, Bella Turf solutions are eco-friendly.

Bella Turf artificial turf is safe for pets of all kinds. In fact, these turfs keep pets neat and tidy from outdoor dirt and dust. These turfs effectively control pests, rodents, and insects.

Artificial turf from Bella Turf does not consume water. It also costs very little to maintain the turf.

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