Benefits Of Air Track Mat: Air Track Mat vs. Tumbling Mat

Gymnasts and Olympians are great sports personalities who often require less or no equipment. A gymnast can perform best with an airtrack mat or tumbling mat. With tracks, you can perform impressive exercises, actions, and skills safely. This article will educate you about the differences between the two types of mats and how they benefit users. At the end of the article, you can decide on a better choice.

Understanding air track mat and tumbling track mat

An air track mat is designed for outdoor and indoor use. The tumbling inflatable surface of the air track mat can bear high internal pressure. Additionally, it provides some rebound similar to spring floors. In simpler words, an air track mat can bounce the body back just like a spring mat does when you jump over it.

How air track mat differs from a tumbling track mat?

Air track and tumbling mats have wide usage. Both types of mats hold some advantages and drawbacks as well. You can choose as per your budget and activity requirements. Have a look at the key differences:

· Safety& Protection

Air track mats offer great safety to gymnasts. It give sless strain and increased protection. As a result of the inflatable surface, gymnasts cannot be injured on it. They are just a few inches above the floor. So, your body can hit the floor when you fall hard on the mat and get injured

·  Size

Air track mats are available from 10 feet to 13 feet long and 3-6 feet wide. Further, custom sizes are available to provide a great protected surface to the Olympians.

Tumbling mats are also available in different sizes. A standard tumbling track mat may consist of an 8 4 size. Nevertheless, if you wish to practice different techniques on a more protected surface, you can combine various tumbling mats to make a larger, safer area.

·  Usage

Air track mats allow more safety and athletes can perform more freely and bravely. Further, coaches and instructors get more air time. Thus, they can teach newer and more complex athletic skills using air track mats. Air mats are the next-generation sports equipment. So, you will find its increasing usage at advanced sports facilities.

Well, traditional tumbling mats are made for padding purposes. They are 3 to 4 inches above the floor so you can not perform tumbling actions over them. It poses many dangers when you performtumbling activity over simple track mats. However, it is easier to fold these traditional mats and carry them anywhere. The portability of the tumbling track mats makes them a favorite among users.

·  Material

Inflatable or air mats are usually filled with air instead of using steel springs or foam. Inside air allows the athlete to bounce and tumble freely over it. On the other hand, traditional mats or tumbling track mats are simpler in design. It is made of synthetic foam that is used for padding purposes only.

·  Price

Air track mats are made of high-grade and expensive PVC material. So, you will find the air track mats higher in price. A 10×3 feet air mat costs $200 to $500. However, the price may increase up to 1000 dollars when you need a larger size air mat.

On the contrary to it, tumbling track mats are budget-friendly. You can buy a standard-size tumbling mat at a much lower price than the air track mat. 

Air track mats – the best choice for the buyers

In technical terms, air mats are more advanced and futuristic than regular mats. Inflatable characteristics make them popular. It give smore rebound and protects the body from getting hurt. Further, they are convenient to use for a variety of actions and skills. It not only offers protection to an athlete but also allows them to perform unique air skills.

Compared to air mats, traditional track mats are made for padding purposes only. They cannot bear high falls or heavy weights over them. It all depends upon the quality of the material and the strength of the mat. Finally, air track mats are the best for athletes.

Concluding Thoughts

 Before deciding on the best track mat, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two. Air track mats usually outshine in convenience, usage, and quality. But every consumer cannot afford an air track mat. They are highly expensive as compared to their traditional counterpart. Tumble track mats are better for simple skills and actions.In addition to being affordable, these mats can be used anywhere.

To sum up, a consumer can choose between the two track mats as per budget, requirement, and usability of the mat. Priorities and needs of a mat may vary from person to person. Read more: 877-311-5134

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