Benefits of Hiring A Male Nanny

You might be surprised to learn that more and more families are hiring a male nanny, especially due to stereotypes and even the name of the agencies themselves- they are called governess agencies after all. However, recently, parents are breaking traditional norms and they are not basing their decision on gender. Still, gender has some influence, in the sense that parents think that it is sometimes better to have a male nanny for a boy. Therefore, the demand for male nannies is growing.

Explaining “The Manny Term”

The term “Manny” is becoming more popular, and although it sounds like a name, parents are already familiar that we actually discuss a male nanny. Basically, in spite of all prejudices and stereotypes that females are better for the caregiving role, mannies are telling us otherwise during the last few years

The individual in this position provides the same responsibilities, job duties, and functions as a female nanny, and there is no reason to be skeptical about it. Same as their female colleagues, they provide childcare services for the family and they can be live-in or live-out, as well.

The purpose of your search for an ideal employee, you are searching for the best fit for your family among the many options. So, it is a great thing if you are trying to break out of social and traditional norms and find what is the best for your children.

Whether you are hiring a male or female nanny, you are basically doing the same. You need to make sure to do background checks, ask lots of questions and have tons of interviews in order to check your gut feeling and their interactions with your youngest ones. 

According to an analysis done by Priceonomics, only about 2.9% of babysitters are male and although that seems a bit discouraging, it is an again higher number than in previous years. It is just statistics, don’t allow it to stop you from hiring a perfect person for the job. 

Challenges in Finding a Job as a Male Nanny 

First thing first, to mention that the number of working parents–including single-parent families is growing a lot and the growth will not be stopped soon. The market needs more nannies and that is where some guys who are really into caring for children found their way to make more money by doing what they love and they are good at

If you are not into opening your own business, you can check some British governess agencies, and maybe you will find your perfect employers. You will not have the responsibilities of owning your business, but you can have an extremely satisfying and dynamic career. 

Also, please don’t get discouraged by statistics, since guys can absolutely get babysitting jobs. We are aware that it can be challenging due to the fact that people due to force of habit are more prone to choosing female nannies. However, if you really put in the work to build a reputation and get some recommendations, there will be no trouble for you in finding your perfect job as a male nanny. 

Top Benefits Of Choosing A Male Nanny 

It’s not huge, but there is a slight difference in paychecks when we are discussing paying a male nanny vs paying for a female nanny. Some people think that it is because the guys are more confident in negotiations. However, on the other side, it doesn’t make so much sense since it is tougher for them to find a babysitting job. 

Still, even if it is rare, there are definitely some benefits of choosing a female nanny. Some would speculate that we should not discuss gender norms and specificities, however, it is a fact that it is a different experience. 

Therefore, here is a shortlist of top benefits: 

  • Having a protector and energetic play-pal at the same time
  • Different perspectives of problem-solving and playing sports 

Of course, we are not suggesting that a female or a male nanny is better or worse, they are just different, and each and every one of them has its own qualities and set of skills necessary to do a proper job when taking care of your children. 

Having A Protector and Energetic Play-pal At the Same Time

Of course, all toddlers are energetic, but especially if you have a male toddler you know what we are talking about. Even when they’re not running, they’re jumping, climbing or just want to touch everything and anything. You don’t have to be a scientist in order to figure out that taking care of a boy toddler is very demanding and sometimes exhausting. 

It does not mean that a female nanny would be bad in her job for sure, but male nannies are big boys themselves, and they’re always up for joining in or entering some fun physical activity. 

Again, we need to emphasize that female nanny is also strong and capable, however, it is a biological fact that men are generally bigger and stronger and sometimes moms feel safer knowing their child is with a guy who can tackle any emergency.  Still, no matter who you hire, you just need to make sure that she/he knows how to perform CPR.

Different Perspectives of Problem Solving and Playing Sports 

It is very important to mention again that there are no better and worse approaches, just different ones. Most men have a more rational approach to problem-solving. It is mainly because of the fact that they are trying to reach a rational outcome for the problem. Precisely because of that,  they can help your children to approach problems in a practical manner, thus helping them develop their critical thinking skills.

Children who need motivation will definitely appreciate the male nanny’s effort which will boost their confidence and self-esteem. Developing logical problem-solving skills and team spirit can also help teach your children to be better in sports such as football, soccer, hockey, etc. 

Hiring the male nanny of your dreams can be challenging, but by checking out governess agencies your search will be a bit easier. Check their references and ask around and you can find a perfect male caregiver.  Check out the college ads since all the nannies are usually well educated and in search of the extra money, thus finding the perfect big guy to take care of your little guy will not be that difficult. 

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