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Best Astrologers In India

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India has some of the top Astrologers globally, and some of them practice Vedic Astrology in tune with the different occult studies. Vedic astrology comes from the Vedas, which are the Hindu texts of antiquity. There are several practitioners available today, but here are the top Astrologers who have mastered the divine art of astrology.  

Deepak Chopra

Astrologer Deepak Chopra is one of the leading astrologers who can help make your lives happier, faster, and simpler. He has studied the behavior and status of the planets for years and can offer an understanding of their impact on our lives. He has mastered the skills to offer astrological guidance at a very early stage. And today, he is known to be one of the top in his field. 

He has received various awards for this contribution and has more than 85000 profiles under him. He is a learned individual who has immense knowledge of various aspects, including Panchang, Kundli, Vaastu, and numerology. He has also mastered the art of Tarot reading. 

With his bright and progressive mind, he has developed software that can offer precise results. His software helps to calculate the love match and offers simple and practical solutions to clients. At this point, he has offered various predictions all over the globe that have turned out to be correct. He has also been awarded various accolades and awards, some of which includes:

  • The Jyotish and Samman Award
  • The Best Astrologer Award at the International Astrological Convection
  • Contribution award in astrology and allied sciences by Jyotish Research
  • Felicitated as Famous astrologer of Jammu and Kashmir by French clun. 

He offers a perfect solution for all problems by balancing ancient techniques and modern technologies. But with his diverse approach, he has gained clients all over the world. The best part of having him as your astrologer is that he offers his time for every client individually despite the busy schedule. 

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Deepak Chopra has a humble approach and can offer most solutions by looking at the birth charts. 

D.K Shastri

Astrologer D.K Shastri is another top expert in the field. He has a great understanding of spiritual and Vedic astrology. He helps his clients with their life issues with the help of spiritual astrology. His main focus is on spiritual astrology as it can offer solutions for most problems in life. 

He has gained knowledge of Vedic astrology from his parents, where his father has been his guru for traditional astrology that can help improve a person’s overall life. 

He has devoted his life to serving people with the help of traditional astrological methods. He offers astrological predictions that have offered quality results to various clients. He offers his solution for all aspects including love, career, relationship, and even business. 

He offers a holistic approach that helps to bring positivity to his clients’ lives and helps them attract peace and prosperity. Even with the huge clientele, he still attends to every client and helps shape up their lives. 

Bejan Daruwalla

He is one of the top astrologers in India and has offered his services to everyone, rich and poor alike. He is a very famous personality, and his articles occupy regular columns in various newspapers. He is also the author of various books on astrology and is known to be one of the 100 influential astrologers in the last 1000 years. 

He is also the recipient of various awards and accolades for his accuracy of predictions; He has also gained experience in various other occult sciences. Some of them include kabbalah, palmistry, and numerology. He uses a combined approach, including all these sciences, for his predictions. Using the correct combinations, he offers his clients relevant and accurate predictions. 

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Pt Ajai Bhambi

Bhambi, now a well-known astrologer, started his career in economics and law. He was a lawyer by profession before taking up Astrology. Over the years, he has come up with various astrology books and has acquired a lot of fame globally. As an astrologer, he offers his clients the most accurate and relevant knowledge for their problems. He is someone who offers the most amazing predictions and he is also a prolific author. 


Vijayalakshmi Krishnan is another top astrologer in the country. She has almost two decades of knowledge of astrology and has practiced for over 15 years. She also has over 50,000 consultations to her credit. She is naturally intuitive and believes that bad karma affects the present life. She is an expert in identifying past karmas and providing efficient remedies for them. 

Over the years, she has gained great experience in various fields, including karmic astrology, medical astrology, and electional astrology. The combined knowledge helps her identify the various underlying problems and offer the most effective solutions for them. 


These are some of the top Astrologers in India who have gained in-depth knowledge in the field. They also have the natural talents that help them offer their clients the best predictions and solutions. 

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