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Best Buy Total Tech Scam – All the Details You Need to Know!

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Best buy Total Tech Scam discusses all relevant details about the retailer’s annual membership plan and shares its links.

Do you prefer to shop at Best Buy stores for your daily needs of products and services? You may have taken out the Total Tech Plan of Best Buy’s retailing services. Best Buy’s annual subscription plan is under fire from customers for not delivering on the benefits it promised.

The majority of customers who subscribe to Best Buy Total Tech Scam ‘s annual plan in the United Statessubscribe to certain benefits promised by this online retailer.

Total Tech Scam: What is it?

Emails are being sent to some Total Tech subscribers informing them that their annual subscription has expired and they need to call 1-888-397-5630 to renew. Best Buy customers also received emails asking them to renew their Geek Squad membership.

This email’s primary goal is to obtain personal information such as the contact details and account of the customer. Scammers send fake links to renew subscriptions. Customers should avoid these emails and links, and instead communicate with retailers through their legitimate sites.

What are Total Buy Best Buy Tech plan?

Best Buy is an international retail chain that specializes in consumer durables. It sells its products via an online retail service as well as more than 1,000 retail stores. Total Tech, the company’s subscription plan for members, offers exclusive benefits.

Total Tech is similar to membership programs of Amazon and Walmart like Amazon Prime or Walmart Plus. Total Tech membership costs more than Amazon Prime, at $ 199.99 per annum.

Benefits of Best Buy Total Tech Membership

Below are some of the benefits that the Total Tech plan offers online shoppers, including free protection, customer service, and more.

  • Geek Squad will provide free support for all technology purchased at Best Buy. The plan members can access these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Plan owners will also receive 24 months protection on new products purchased from Best Buy.
  • You will also receive free delivery, installation, and haul away on all products.
  • All purchases will be eligible for two-day shipping.

The Best Buy Total Tech Member also gives you access to member-only prices, products that are hard to find, and a sixty-day extended return and exchange period.

Customer Reviews of Total Tech Plan:

Total Tech has a rating of 4.25/5 from 9748 reviews. The majority of plan owners are happy with their plan. However, some Best Buy shoppers expressed their dissatisfaction on Reddit and Twitter.

Final verdict

Total Tech has many benefits to offer its members , but the netizens also have their complaints.

What do you think of the Total Tech Plan at Best Buy? Please leave a comment.

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