Best Creative Resume Ideas

We all remember Legally Blonde. “It’s pink, and it smells good.” While exaggerated, we agree that the last thing you want to do is apply for a creative job with a plain and boring resume. Instead, try one of these best creative resume ideas next time!

After all, your resume can very much be the cover of your portfolio, and your first chance to leave a strong impression on your !

Start With a Resume Builder

No matter how creative you plan on going, you still need a framework to work with. And there is no better framework than a template generated by a reputable resume builder.

For us, we always use the builder on We love how simple and robust the system is, and we get to customize the color, font, and headline of each section accordingly before moving on to the real creative stage.

Add Illustrative Elements

One of the popular trends lately is adding illustrative elements to your resume. These could vary from hand-drawn avatars to script-like fonts. Stickers and unique symbols are also used quite frequently.

Adding illustrative elements works great if you’re trying to bring out a specific mood. For example, if you’re applying for a women’s boutique, adding botanic or other elegant illustrations would definitely leave an impression.

Go Bold With the Layout

If you’re a graphic designer, then you know your layout. When everyone is submitting a plain resume, go bold and treat yours like a magazine page.

Now, the downside is any resume with a creative layout will not be processable by a regular online application system. On the other hand, most systems ask you to fill out all core information before attaching a resume already.

Plus, if you’re applying for a creative role at a bold company, chances are they will be directly viewing your resume directly, unprocessed.

Play with Colors

A third idea is to play with the colors. For example, those applying for a higher-end job in the tech industry sometimes use a dark background with lighter color fonts to emphasize the visual contrast.

This method raises the same concern as many online platforms cannot read light text on a dark background. Other than that, this is an effective way to stand out among all the light background resumes a recruiter will get.

Visualized Infographic

More people are using infographics to explain their skill level. When done right, this is an amazing tactic because it brightens the recruiter’s day up. But when done poorly, infographics can be a disaster.

Therefore, visualized infographics are often used by those applying for a graphic design job to stand out from the crowd. Other times, people would hire a designer to spice up their resumes.

Overall, infographics are most frequently used in the skill section. Again, keep in mind these are not readable to any online system used for hiring.

Brand for the Job

Finally, an advanced creative resume idea is to brand yourself according to the job and the company you’re applying for. This is really only used by those fluent in graphic design but could have an outstanding effect.

Basically, you will use the popular branding elements for the industry you’re applying for. However, keep in mind to never completely duplicate any company’s branding in your resume.

What do you think about these creative resume ideas? Head over to and get started!

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