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Best CS:GO Skins For AWP

The AWP is perfect for those who wait for their enemies and make targeted shooting. Each weapon in CS:GO has a unique pattern. If a player knows the patterns of these weapons, his chances of winning over his opponent are big. The skin patterns are exclusive features of CS:GO. They are cosmetic and hold no gameplay function. The price of the skin is determined based on its rarity and value. The float value of the skin is its wear rate. The same skin may have different looks due to the variation in displacement and texture offset. You can trade CSGO skins on sites like SkinsMonkey or other trade bots.

In CS:GO, AWP or the Arctic Warfare Police is the most expensive and also the most destructive. In the history of CS:GO, AWP Dragon Lore fetched a record price. The AWP Dragon Lore comes with a Skadoodle signature and is the most expensive skin bought so far. In 2018, that skin was bought for $61,052. You can become a good sniper if you have good skins. Here are some of the best AWP skins.

1. AWP Desert Hydra

It was added to the game in 2021 and was created by 2minds studio. The body is painted with detailed image of hydra. And the hydra has several heads and monster like eyes. The mouths of the hydra are neon teal. The rear part of the hydra is solid white. Desert Hydra is the most popular skins in the game. However, is rarely seen in the game due to its high price. Starting price of AWP Desert Hydra is $2490.

2. AWP Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore was added to the game in 2014. It was released alongside Operation Breakout. The body is painted in olive. It has an image of a dragon spitting fire. The float value of the skin is between 0 and 0.7. Dragon lore is decorated with celtic ornaments. The front and back has a black and green checkered pattern. Starting price of Dragon Lore is $2,514.

3. AWP Wild fire

The wild fire was launched in 2019. It has beautiful fire yellow patches all over its body. The edges of the fire have a burning brownish black finis. The body has a fiery dragon and is painted black and red. The color is scheme is predominantly yellow-orange, the color of fire. The value of the skin is between 0.01 and 0.7. Starting price of AWP Wild Fire is $22.23.

4. AWP Fade

The Fade was added in 2020. It is a part of the control collection. Fade was released alongside Operation Broken Fang. The body is coated and chromed with translucent paints. This creates gradient transitions. The shades include yellow, pink, and purple. The ratio of the color varies throughout the body. It fades and brightens up now and then to justify the name, FADE. The value of the skin is between 0 and 0.08.  Starting price of AWP Fade is $775.

5. AWP Graphite

The AWP Graphite was added in 2013. It is a part of the Bravo collection. The AWP Graphite was released during Operation Bravo. The body has numerous grey polygons. Back and the scope are not painted. The float value of AWP Graphite is between 0 and 0.12. Starting price is $119.

6. AWP Asiimov

The AWP Asiimov was released in 2014. It is a part of the Phoenix collection. It was launched during the start of Operation Phoenix. The AWP Asiimov skin was created by Coridium. The body has a pattern of orange and black stripes and is complemented by graphic elements like crosses and other geometric shapes. The float value of AWP Asiimov varies between 0.18 and 1. Starting price of AWP Asiimov is $45.68.

7. AWP Neo Noir

The AWP Neo Noir was released in 2018. It was launched as a part of the Danger Zone collection. The design of the skin was created by Blazer and Donschi. The body has been designed in neo-noir comic style and has an image of two girls. The color scheme is made in purple, pink and blue. The scope and the barrel are painted white. Also, the scheme is complemented by geometric shapes and stripes. Stripes are in blue, pink and black color. The float value of the skin rages between 0 and 0.5. Currently, Neo Noir is the most popular scheme especially among the female players and can be spotted in the game very often. Starting price of AWP Neo Noir is $19.75.

8. AWP Hyper Beast

Hyper Beast was released in 2014. It was added to the game as a part of the Falchion collection. The Hyper Beast was launched alongside Operation Bloodhound. The body of the design has a fantastic creature. The color in the design includes green, orange, blue, and red. The back and the barrel part of the design are plain and are not painted. The float value of the design varies between 0 and 1. Currently, the popularity of hyper beast is average. Starting price is $13.37.

9. AWP Atheris

Atheris launched in 2018 and was a part of the Prisma collection. The skin was released during the “Seeing the light” update. The body is made of the image of an African tree called Viper Atheris.  The color scheme of the design has different shades of green and blue. The entire theme is complemented by a pattern resembling snake scales. The skin was created by Graff. The value of the skin ranges between 0 and 1. Currently, the skin is popular and is seen in the game often. Starting price of the skin is $1.26. Find out more AWP skins in CS:GO.

10. AWP Containment Breach

The AWP Containment Breach was launched in 2019 and was part of the shattered web collection. The skin was launched during the operation Shattered Web. It was created by Apel and Rremarin. The body is adorned with Monsters. The Monsters have Luminous eyes and wide opened mouths and are radioactive forests. The colour scheme is made of neon green. The rest of the skin is not painted and has green accents. The float value of the skin is between 0 and 1. Currently, the popularity of the skin is average. Starting price of the skin is $23.79.

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