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Best Employee Perks that your Team Will Love

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Our jobs are worth so much more than our payslips. Offering your employees perks other than their monthly payslips is essential for keeping up staff morale, well-being and productivity. To assist these factors, this article explores four employee perks that your team will love. 

  1. Free food and drink

Providing little perks such as free coffee, snacks or even meals is a brilliant way to demonstrate to your team that they are valued for their work. Exciting perks such as free food can motivate your employees to work harder as well as lead to higher work satisfaction which will not only positively impact te business but the happiness of your employees, 

Demonstrate to your employees that you care about their well-being by offering free food as a reward throughout the day. To add to that, bringing in free food as a surprise can boost morale massively because receiving an unexpected reward can feel a whole lot more special,  and therefore boost their motivation. 

  1. Offer remote or hybrid working 

Businesses that offer their employees remote or hybrid working options find that their employees have a better work-life balance and are generally happier. Many employees report better productivity when working from home, with fewer distractions helping them to achieve better results in their work. 

A huge benefit of offering remote or hybrid working to your employees is the saved commuting time and costs. This also leads to a reduced carbon footprint which can positively affect climate change. When incorporating the sustainability perk on top of commuting costs and time, workers generally feel happier with the option to work remotely or hybrid. 

  1. Health and wellbeing scheme 

In terms of what are the best employee perks in 2023, a mental well-being support scheme is found to help develop a positive culture within your company’s team and create a strong employee value proposition. Employee well-being can be easier tracked by an employee engagement hub.  

Employee well-being refers to an employee’s state of physical and mental health which can impact their relationships with colleagues, their performance at work and decision-making skills. Improved mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion annually. Assisting employees in developing good well-being will boost productivity, enabling workers to display healthier behaviours in the workplace.

  1. Paid time off to volunteer

VTO, volunteer time off, has been found to boost staff morale and engagement. Employees want to be able to give back to their community, so by offering a VTO scheme your business can aid the community in a positive way as well as offer employee retention. 

By offering your employees paid time off to volunteer just one or two days a year you can enrich your employee experience as well as boost your company’s reputation. As a result, new candidates will be impressed and feel that your company is something they want to be a part of.  

According to WTW’s 2022 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey, around a third of employees would like their employer to offer volunteer days as a way to improve its community and social responsibility. 

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