Best Food in Johor Jaya at Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

Johor Jaya, a suburb of Johor Bahru, was once a housing project. But it is now a hub for everything food and entertainment. It is a well-mixed community. The proof is in their pudding. There are many cultural influences that influence the food.

Johor Jaya is a place where you can experience a gastronomical journey. We’re here to help! SGMYTRIPS has put together a list with the top restaurants in Johor Jaya to delight your taste buds.

1. Kim Cheong Restaurant

The Kim Cheong Restaurant is the first on our Johor Jaya Food List. This family-style Chinese restaurant is located along Jalan Ros Merah 2, 11 and offers many traditional Chinese dishes, all prepared with love.

Their Signature Roast Chicken is the highlight of this restaurant. The meat is tender and succulent, and it’s cooked to a crisp charred perfection. Their fresh Flower Crab Soup is also worthy of an honorable mention. It’s made from locally-sourced flower crab and cooked to perfection while keeping the flavors intact. If you’re looking for healthy, wholesome Chinese food, then stop by the Kim Cheong to get your fix.

2. Restoran Pekin

The Pekin Taman Johor Jaya is a branch from the well-known Pekin Restaurant chain in Johor Bahru. It serves the same delicious dishes as the other outlets: fancy Chinese-styled culinary delights that are perfect for any celebration. The elegantly decorated restaurant has revolving tables, cushioned seats, and is beautifully furnished.

Along with the amenities and services, the food is of the highest quality. The Pekin is the perfect place to eat casually or for big events such as weddings or new years celebrations.

Their Roasted Suckling Pig is the star of the show. It is an amazing traditional dish that features whole suckling pork roasted over a fire and served in small cuts. The skin is crisp and flavorful, while the meat is tender yet juicy. The Pekin is always available to help you celebrate any occasion.

3.Restaurant How Inn – Claypot Catfish

The Restaurant How Inn is located along Jalan Dedap 6. It may appear to be your typical Chinese restaurant from the outside with its large sign and wooden blinds. This place is rare, but don’t be fooled.

The dish, clay pot catfish is a rare and difficult to find dish. They are the only place that offers this dish in the area. The fish is served in a traditional clay pot, which is how it was prepared. It is also well-seasoned with soy sauce and ginger.

The meat is tender, juicy, and barely flakes in your mouth. Johor Jaya food is a must-try. Make sure to add the How Inn Restaurant to your list!

4. Goody Soup Restaurant

The Goody Soup Restaurant is located along Jalan Ros Merah 217. You may not see anything special about this restaurant at first glance.

The restaurant has been attracting soup lovers from all over the world with its exquisitely prepared soup creations. The restaurant offers a wide range of soups that are all prepared in clay pots. This allows for maximum flavor and aroma. They are healthy because they contain large quantities of vegetables and herbs without any added seasoning or salt. Their pork and mushroom soup is the highlight of their menu. It includes a variety of mushrooms, as well as different cuts of pork, all cooked together in a clay pot.

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