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Best Gifts for People in Your Christmas Gift List This 2022

Christmas Season is just around the corner, before you know it’s already the weekend before Christmas Eve and you’re hurrying to get to the nearest jam-packed mall or anxiously waiting for your last-minute online orders to arrive. Putting off holiday gift-shopping to the last minute may be exciting and adrenaline-pumping but do you really need that anxiety with everything that’s happening this year? Add to that, your budget for the month of December will really take a hit if you don’t plan early.

Some people put off shopping for gifts because they have a hard time deciding what to actually give the special persons in their lives. You may know a person well but you may not know what best to give them, on the other hand, you may also be totally clueless about what they may need or at the very least, appreciate. Here are a few suggestions of what to give your family, friends, coworkers, and everyone in between.

The Boyfriend or Boy Friend Who Has Everything

Of course, he has everything, he already has you. But cheesiness aside, what do you give someone who already has everything? A gift category that has always worked is consumables. Whatever consumable thing you give them that they may already have will eventually run out. Consumables may be in the form of food or drinks or even things that will, in the course of time, get used up or get worn out.

You may opt to bake him his favorite dessert or pasta dish, buy him that ridiculously expensive grooming set he’s eyeing for so long, or go for the practical route and shop some of his essential basics for him. He will surely appreciate not only the gift itself but the thought that you put into getting it.

You may also go for the gift card or virtual currency route and get him a voucher for his favorite store or buy him those FIFA 23 coins Xbox one gamers have been raving about. These are some of the things he may not think of getting himself but will surely get excited about.

Your Mom Best Friend

The mom friend can be a literal mom friend who has kids of her own and is always so busy running errands, fetching her kids, and organizing bake sales for her kid’s preschool, or the “mom friend” who’s always the sober one at parties, who brings the first aid kit when on vacation and who checks on everyone in the friend group once in a while. Either of them, you know you are lucky to have. Christmas is the best way to give them a little love for all that they are and all that they do.

The best gifts to give them are things they would not have thought of for themselves, to help them loosen up a bit and give them a bit of me time. Look for a good fiction book that would give them a little break from reality and send them on a little trip, even when it’s just in the comfort of their own home. 

Give them a gift check to the best spa or salon so they could pamper themselves. Let them have a massage, facial, mani-pedi, and even a sauna. They may even decide to get a little makeover over the holiday. Mom friends often give so much of themselves to their families and their friends that they sometimes put their own selves on the back burner, the holiday is the perfect time to show them that they are seen and appreciated. If all else fails, just give them wine. They’ll thank you for it.

That Co-worker You Picked for the Office Party

Yes, it may be a bit early to shop for a gift exchange but getting a gender-neutral and generally useful or accepted gift makes it safe to get it even though December is still months away. Co-workers are a bit tricky to shop for since you wouldn’t want to give something too personal, but you also would not want to give something that they could not use.

Practical gifts may work best for people who you see around almost every day, yet may not be your actual friend. Things that they may use in the office are always a good bet. A good chair pillow, an office tumbler, and a vertical stand for their laptop are safe office-related gifts. Steer away from things that other people might find offensive, like desk mirrors, desk organizers, and room sprays. You may think you’re being thoughtful but it may be received in another light, especially when you and your co-worker are not that close.

When choosing the office items, opt for something basic and choose a gender-neutral color. You may also refer to their office space as a reference to their chosen aesthetics. You shouldn’t give someone with minimalist vibes something in a very loud color or pattern. Other people also opt for a certain finish and color, like wood patterns and white. Others still take inspiration from a fandom or niche interest like Korean aesthetics and even Harry Potter. Observation will be your friend in getting the perfect gift to give your office colleague.


The holiday season is the season of giving and the best gifts are those that come from the heart. Whatever you decide to give the people on your Christmas gift list, they will surely appreciate that you thought about it and about them.

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