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Are you looking for a reputable online casino to start playing Poker for real money? However, this is quite a difficult thing. The reason is that poker is so popular. Many online Poker sites on the internet make you find it confusing and difficult to choose one. We will share the experience of top poker experts with you when choosing the best and most reputable online poker casino today. Let’s continue to follow!

What is Poker?

What is poker? If you’re interested in experiencing the excitement of online casinos, you can find Poker, also known as Texas hold’em, in world-class casinos and on online gambling sites. Poker is a game that originated in European countries and was initially a game favored by the nobility due to high stakes. However, over time, variations of Poker emerged to suit players from all walks of life, making it one of the most popular card games globally. In Texas hold’em Poker, the dealer deals you two face-down cards at the beginning of the game, followed by five more cards in three rounds. The objective is to form the best possible hand combination using your initial two cards and the community cards revealed in the subsequent rounds. The more powerful your hand combination, the higher your chances of winning in this thrilling card game. Whether you play it at physical casinos or on online gambling sites, Poker offers endless entertainment and opportunities to test your skills and luck.

Next, Poker has variations to become more suitable for all walks of life. Therefore, Poker has gradually become one of the most popular games in world-class casinos. In addition, online Poker is also sought after by gamers on online gambling sites.

Many people will wonder “What is Texas hold ’em Poker?“. Poker Texas hold ’em is the most popular card game in the world of Online Poker. It is an adaptation of a 52-card Western deck. At the beginning of a game, the dealer will deal you with two cards. These cards will be face-down that only you can see. You are not allowed to see other players’ cards.

Next, you will be given five more cards dealt in three rounds. In the first round, you will see three cards, the second round and the third round will be one card respectively. The player will use the initial two cards in combination with the five cards that are turned up for three rounds. In the end, these seven cards will form a deck. The more special and powerful hand combinations you have, the higher your winning odds.

The highest winning card combination is Royal Flush.

General Rules of Playing Poker Online

  • The Poker table has from two to ten players. Currently, when playing online Poker, people often play in tables of nine people, six people, two people.
  • There is always a symbol with the letter D (Dealer) on the Poker table. It rotates from one player to another player clockwise after each hand. Based on that, you will determine the position of the player.
  • Each player is dealt two separate cards (trumps). There will be five cards turned face up in the middle of the table. A full Poker hand consists of four betting rounds. Poker players can call the bet, raise the bet, or concede (fold).  In the end, the person with the strongest hand will be the winner. The game can also end at any time when someone calls and everyone else concedes. Next, the caller is the winner.

Poker has a maximum of nine players.

  • After each betting round, all bets are pooled in one place, called the pot. In principle, a betting round only ends when everyone’s bets are even and no one calls again.
  • The winner will eat everyone’s bet (pot). In case you have bet all money before everyone (all-in), you can only eat the amount in the pot up to the time of all hands.

Top 3 online Poker sites for Poker players

Thienhabet – the most prestigious online Poker site today

Thienhabet or shortened to Thienha is one of the top priority choices of players. You can be completely assured when experiencing the games and services here. The head office of the Thienhabet bookie is in the Philippines. Thienhabet is the leading online betting business in Asia. PAGCOR has licensed this casino and it is completely legal. Here are the great advantages of Thienhabet.

  • 100% bonus for the first deposit to play Poker
  • Quick payment

Players highly appreciate Thienha because this house has a fast payout speed. With Thienhabet, the redemption takes place in just a few minutes.

Another plus point that makes it impossible for players to ignore the Poker casino at Thienhabet is that the deposit speed only takes four minutes. That way, you’ll never have to miss out on your favorite game and don’t lose out on benefits from the house’s promotions.

  • User-friendly interface

The quality of the application and website of that bookie is so important to evaluate the casinos. The Thienhabet dealer has a sharp, user-friendly interface. The colors of the site are in harmony. Neatly arranged categories bring players high searchability.

Besides, the transmission is stable and not slow. There is no chance of you being ejected during the betting process. Most importantly, the Thienhabet Poker application has both mobile and computer versions, suitable for Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Players can comfortably experience many electronic connected devices and many different interfaces. Each interface is optimized and maximized to bring players the best entertainment moments.

Ignition Casino – Poker bookie with many attractive tournaments

The Monthly Milly is Ignition Casino’s biggest tournament for Poker players. The winner will win a million-dollar prize. In addition, there are many other attractive tournaments.

A new poker player can also easily join this house.

  • Pros

Ignition Casino’s website and mobile app have many features to support new players. You can choose a playroom or a quick seat. In addition, they have bet levels and table sizes for you to choose from. There are two-person, six-person, and nine-person tables available.

There is an anonymous game mode and security for players.

  • Cons

Restrictions on payment because they do not apply for bonus payments through some banks and e-wallets.

BetOnline Casino-the house with the most types of Poker

BetOnline Casino offers a variety of exciting experiences thanks to its many Poker variations to choose from. In addition, the welcome bonus of this bookie is also very expected.

 The welcome bonus is up to 5000 dollars.

  • Pros

Accept payment methods in various cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin. 

The chances of winning are quite high.

  • Cons

There is a 7.5% fee on all credit card transactions.

We have just shared with you detailed information about Poker and the top 3 best online Poker houses today. We hope that you will have a better understanding of this game. Next, you can choose the online Poker site that is suitable for you through this article. Have a good day.

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