Best PDF to Word Converter for Windows in 2024

The need for a PDF to Word Document converter has been a common requirement for many users. Whether we will edit, format, or collaborate, having a reliable PDF to Word Converter is essential. 


Currently, many PDF to Word converters are available online, each with features. 

So, if you are looking for the best tool, you have come to the right place. Today, we’ve covered you with the best PDF to Word conversion for Windows in 2024.


Best PDF To Word Converter For Windows

Here are some of the best tools that will meet your PDF to Word Conversion requirements. 


  • EasePDF Online Converter

This is one of the best PDF-to-Word conversion tools including EasePDF that makes it possible to convert PDF files into easily editable Word documents. This is not a standalone tool; rather, it’s an online-based tool that allows people to convert files using any browser that supports Windows OS. 


Besides, this will be the right place to find the fastest converter for quick conversions as well as editing, turning and signing your PDFs with EasePDF. I would like to emphasize that the most impressive part about it is how easy and fast it can be used for conversion.


It should be noted by users that premium features are only found in pro versions of easePDF. Free trial version, on the other hand, has neither security nor additional features and all you can do is convert small-sized files. 



  • EasePDF converts files very quickly in just a few minutes. 
  • The platform has a simple user interface so that anyone can use it. 
  • It gives high-quality output, so your converted file looks like the original one. 
  • It offers secure encryption so that your information can be kept secure. 



  • Limited Features in the free version are the best limitation. 


  • Adobe Acrobat Standard DC

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most popular tools that helps in creating and editing PDFs. It allows users to convert files directly from the web browser without requiring any additional downloads or installation. From photo and video editing tools to web development utilities, Adobe has it all.


Well, Adobe Acrobat is far more expensive than many other tools available in the market. However, Adobe Acrobat justifies its costs with their wide range of features. They have a subscription based model, which means that users will pay for a monthly service rather than a wholesome amount. 


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC presents an attractive option for those who frequently switch between Windows and Mac platforms, providing seamless PDF management across both operating systems.



  • Comprehensive package for converting, editing, and sharing PDFs.
  • Extensive features beyond simple PDF to Word conversion, including form signing, multi-platform compatibility, and easy file sharing.
  • Trusted brand with a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability.



  • Higher price point compared to other solutions.
  • The subscription model may be less appealing for users seeking a one-time purchase option.
  • It may include more features than necessary for users focused solely on PDF to Word conversion.



PDF2doc is another online tool that allows users to convert PDF files to Word documents directly. This platform has a downloadable app, so users need to submit the file to an online server, and then it can be downloaded to their device. 

PDF2doc has free and paid versions, whereas the free version offers basic features such as PDF conversion to Word, HTML, and other formats. You can opt for the paid version if you are looking for advanced features like multiple languages, OCR, and batch conversion.


PDFd2c is easy to use and there is no technical expertise required to operate it. Users can convert the files without any hassles. 



  • This online tool can convert PDF into multiple formats. 
  • It is a user-friendly tool with no expertise required. 
  • The free version of the tool comes with all essential requirements. 
  • The tool provides a secure environment to convert PDF files.


  • The free version comes with limited features. 
  • Large files take a longer time to convert. 
  • The quality will be different after conversion. 


  • FacePDF

FacePDF is another platform that offers a seamless and convenient solution for converting PDF files into Word documents. This online platform simplifies the conversion process and eliminates the need for manual retyping and editing. 


This tool preserves PDFs’ original formatting and layout, allowing users to make quick edits and easily add content and extra information. The best thing about the tool is that users can convert PDF to Word documents without any registration hassles, and it has a fast and simple conversion process. 



  • FacePDF prioritizes users’ security by encrypting all file transfers with SSL encryption and deleting files permanently after the conversion. 
  • FacePDF is convenient with all platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, providing flexibility to users. 
  • FacePDF uses advanced technologies to deliver the best possible results and maintains the original document’s formatting and layout integrity.



  • None 


  • PDF Candy

PDF Candy stands out as one of the most user-friendly PDF-to-Word converters available. Its intuitive interface ensures smooth navigation and its standout feature is the promise of converting PDFs with just a single click.


Upon visiting the PDF Candy homepage, users can promptly initiate conversions. Furthermore, a scroll down reveals specific options for converting PDF to Word or PDF to DOCX, offering flexibility in format selection.


The conversion process is straightforward: choose the desired format and upload the file from the desktop or cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Drive), and the conversion starts automatically. Following completion, users can swiftly download the converted file or upload it to their cloud storage, accomplished with impressive speed and ease.



  • The platform is user-friendly and has an easy navigation process.
  • It provides various conversion options like PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, etc. 
  • The file conversion process gets done in just a single click. 



  • Lacking advanced features for professional users. 



In conclusion, PDF to Word conversion for Windows offers a diverse array of options catering to the needs and preferences of users. From online platforms like EasePDF, PDF2doc, and FacePDF to renowned software solutions like Adobe Acrobat Standard DC, each tool presents its own set of pros and cons.


Ultimately, the best choice depends on individual requirements and balancing factors such as ease of use, feature richness, pricing, and platform compatibility. With the many options available, users can find the perfect PDF-to-Word converter to streamline their document processing needs on Windows systems in 2024.


Christopher Stern

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