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Best travel Instagram hacks to post quality photos

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The presence of a person on social media is of great importance these days. Every person takes their Instagram game quite seriously. A person is known by their profile. People can tell what a person likes or what kind of personality he or she has by just scrolling down their Instagram profile, which is why people are so concerned about what kind of photos they upload on Instagram. Especially, when you go travelling or on a vacation, getting a good picture or an Instagram-able picture is one hard task to do.

One can either always have a professional photographer with them or learn to take scenic photos themselves. By hiring a social media manager for businesses to manage all posts and getting more likes on it or using automatic Instagram likes apps likes ExpressFollowers for individuals. Some good hacks or tips that can level up one’s photo-clicking game are always useful, and this article is here to inform you of the best hacks for travelling photos.

Choose the theme:

If one is planning to post their travelling photos, they should first decide what theme they would like to represent on their profile. Are they going for beach vibes, or do they want more photos with blue backgrounds on their profile or are they going for a tropic look? The photos one needs to click depend fully on the theme they decide.

Focus on the right object:

One of the biggest mistakes people make while clicking a picture is they focus on the wrong object. Before clicking a picture, decide what frame or object one needs the focus on. Point that object directly towards the camera which will eventually make it the center of the whole picture. For example, if one is clicking a picture of the food, one should keep the food in the direction of the camera, if one wants to focus on the sky the camera should be directed towards it and all other trees or even the person himself in the picture would act as background objects.

The Right Angle can take a photo a long way:

By changing the angle of a photo, the whole perspective of the picture can be changed. If one is clicking a selfie, taking a portrait photo, or trying to capture the scenery, the angle depends entirely on the place one is taking the picture. If someone is a beginner and not aware of your angles, experimentation would be the best tip one can get. When clicking a picture, to get the right angle, don’t just click a picture, click pictures, change your camera view, Try the bird’s view, or high angle picture, just experiment and find the one that suits you the most.

Color Composition:

For the perfect photo, don’t just choose the perfect destination but choose the color scheme of the picture as well. What color dress the person is wearing is as important as the destination. One should always choose the color of their dress that can make them stand out in their photo. For example, if one is clicking a picture with greenery in the background, a yellow color dress will make the person stand out more in the picture. This often helps when one is clicking a wide-angle picture, in this way the scenery and the person himself both are captured quite aesthetically.


There’s nothing more important than good lighting when taking a picture. Especially, sun-kissed pictures or selfies are becoming more and more popular because of the perfect shine the natural light brings on the person’s face. Thus, when travelling, go out in the light, find the right angle, and take as many pictures as one wants.

No harm in editing:

The right amount of editing only takes a picture better and more appreciative. Thus, one should always check if their picture can become better by applying a filter, changing saturation or brightness or any other trick. While editing one should also keep in mind to keep it as moderate as possible. The more they edit, the more fake the picture becomes, and it loses all the goodness it had.

Visit Places Early:

Another life-saving hack to get good pictures is to visit every place an hour early. If you want to take a picture of the sunrise, wake up at least half an hour early and choose the perfect place and angle, the same goes for the sunset. If you want some good pictures in a tourist hot spot area, always reach there an hour early before the peak hours, this way one can avoid the crowd and find different and better picture-clicking spots.

Use grid feature:

Most people believe they don’t need this feature, but this comes in very handy when focusing on the details. The grid divides your picture into 9 small frames, which helps the person focus properly on each one of them while clicking the picture.


People’s pictures on their Instagram profiles represent them and their personalities, which is why clicking a good picture is of great importance to people these days.  A few tricks and hacks can help people level up their Instagram game and get more attraction on social media.

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