Best VPN to Bypass ISP Bandwidth Throttling. Increase Internet Speed while Streaming & Torrenting

As the global technological revolution has enhanced the overall landscape of digital interfaces, many technologists and IT geeks are promoting the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Over the past decade, individuals have shown considerable concern towards digital privacy and security while accessing platforms. When accessing various international and region-restricted websites, the user is completely blindfolded by various applications, advertisements, and plugins, which keep popping up every second. In order to mitigate such issues and improve the overall speed, functionality, and working of internet connection, experts recommend using a stable VPN connection.

When talking about a stable VPN connection, users are often concerned about the overall speed of the cable or Wi-Fi internet, which is likely to get interrupted. Such interruptions and delays result in never-ending buffering. However, if you are looking to get the best VPN for streaming, gaming, and surfing purposes, you can find Ivacy VPN at the Black Friday VPN sale, which is live now. Once you have vetted a VPN brand based on its reviews, customer service, after-sale service, and several other parameters, you can seamlessly buy the subscription package and start streaming and torrenting.

When it comes to torrenting and streaming, many avid individuals hesitate while integrating a VPN connection into their internet browser. However, we have got you covered with Ivacy VPN’s specialized streaming connections, which provide instant connectivity and bandwidth at almost every instance. Continue reading to find out how one can improve its overall streaming experience without paying any extra charges or compensation to the local internet provider.

How to Cope Up with Bandwidth Throttling?

Who enjoys lethargic internet speed with continuous buffering? No one wants to stay up in front of a blank screen, waiting for the server or website to respond. If you wish to enhance your overall streaming experience, you are suggested to sign up with Ivacy VPN. Due to network congestion and heavy traffic on local servers, you might experience internet throttling which has nothing to do with your device. In order to give yourself an easy passage, it’s recommended to use a stable and dependable VPN connection that bypasses ISP bandwidth without any resistance.

If you want to streamline your Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sony Live, and HBO Max streaming experience, you must get your device integrated into the Ivacy VPN connection, which bypasses the usual traffic with a split tunneling feature, giving you a completely hassle-free streaming experience. With a VPN connection, your web traffic will be routed through a remote server and encrypted; as a result, preventing your ISP from tracking and slowing down your activity. A VPN cannot, however, be used to get around data caps or bandwidth restrictions.

With a stable working VPN connection, you can slightly control your ISP throttling without notifying your internet provider. However, you might have to change your IP and firewall settings before setting up the VPN connection in your system or device’s settings.

How to Use Ivacy VPN for Streaming?

If you are a seasoned marketer or an internet enthusiast, you will come across multiple platforms which aren’t accessible without a proxy or VPN connection. If you aspire to access the geo-restricted content and seamlessly stream, you are recommended to sign up for Ivacy VPN’s premium package. If you are an avid streamer, you can start streaming by downloading the Ivacy VPN application. Irrespective of your region, there are many streaming portals that are registered under region restricted umbrella. However, if you still wish to access them without giving up your actual identity, you must use Ivacy VPN.

Once the VPN connection is established, your internet’s IP address will switch to a different region’s identity. Once this change is successful and the connection is established, you can stream the region-restricted content without any hassle. This is the prime reason why critics and avid streamers recommended the use of Ivacy VPN for streaming purposes.

Torrenting might not be accessible to everyone due to blocked internet protocols and region-restricted domains. However, if you are connected to Ivacy VPN, you can stream, download, and upload restricted content without any shortcomings. In order to elevate your torrenting experience, you might have to bypass a few restrictions, which are only possible via Ivacy VPN.

Why Ivacy VPN?

When going through the available VPN providers, you must have come across various free VPNs which are offering free access to premium services for a limited time period. However, such free VPNs aren’t recommended by experts as they aren’t secured and are known to compromise users’ data and identity. On the other hand, if you are using the Ivacy VPN connection, you can completely depend on its security protocols and stream without any hesitance or doubts.

Apart from the security protocol, Ivacy VPN offers robust connectivity for dedicated platforms via a split tunneling feature. Moreover, the diversified server connections from all around the globe give the user ample room and convenience to switch between regional IPs and other protocols. Ivacy VPN is considered a user-friendly VPN connection that has a simplified desktop and mobile application, upholding all elements of user engagement.

If you are looking to find exclusive discounts regarding the upcoming calendar year, don’t miss out on the Black Friday VPN sale. It is recommended that you subscribe to a long-term yearly package offering premium support and connectivity.

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