Betting on Cyberport: Guide For the fans of CS:GO

eSports have a large following around the world at the moment. Back in the early days when the discipline was just emerging, the most popular game was Counter-Strike. It was first mentioned in 1999. And since 2000, the game has become the market leader in eSports entertainment. After the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012, most bookmakers have implemented this section on their websites.  Fans of CS GO and other forms of eSports entertainment always choose That’s where you’ll find plenty of reviews on a variety of popular events such as Arcade Block ,Lords of the Fallen, This Side Up and a lot of other interesting things .

CS:GO Tournaments

The whole idea of the game is to compete against your opponents. On your screen you will see different locations, which depends on the selected map. Competitions take place between the participants of the teams, their number in each is five people. 

The game has one script – terrorists attack and plant bombs, counter-terrorists defend their territory and prevent the attacking party from entering. In order to win the game it is necessary to destroy all the enemies. Victory is awarded to the team which wins in 16 rounds.

Since the very beginning of the appearance of major eSports tournaments, Counter Strike has been among the competing forms of entertainment. But the rise in popularity occurred after the release of a new version in 2012. The current prize pool for the main teams to fight for amounts up to $100,000.

Types of CS:GO Betting

Ever since CS:GO has become a very popular discipline in the betting sections of the bookmakers, they aim to offer as many variants of wagering as possible. At the moment, you can come across both basic and additional types. In order to make the most profitable and successful bets it is necessary to understand all of them.

Basic types of bets on CS Go:

  • Total more/less – here you can bet on the number of cards or rounds;
  • Betting on the outcome – bettors predict the victory of one or the second team. This offer can be found in Life mode and in match mode. Remember that draws in cyber sports are quite rare;
  • Handicap – This option is best seen when the favourite and the underdog team meet. You can bet the minus/plus handicap here;
  • Total more/total less rounds – here you need to predict how many rounds will be played. Bear in mind that a minimum of 16 rounds needs to be played for one of the teams to win;
  • Correct score – this bet is closely related to handicaps, with a betting size of 2:1 / 2:3.

Other Types of Bets on CS:GO

Due to the widespread development of CS:GO, betting companies strive to create the best conditions for bettors. For this purpose, secondary types have been created. The most common of these options are:

  • Total rounds/cards – the option can be even or odd. The format of the match should be taken into account when predicting;
  • Winning Pistol Rounds – this betting option is popular for live betting. Pistol rounds are characterised by the fact that the teams are in almost equal conditions. Once a team has won the first gun round all the money won can be used to buy a better weapon;
  • Victory for one team – due to the nature of some of the team’s cards, a certain team can gain an advantage from them.

For more information on all types of CS:GO bets, visit This is where you’ll find detailed information for a successful bet.

What to Consider when Predicting Results?

In order to place a bet you have to make a careful analysis. When you choose the basic types of betting, you will get a lot of advantages. For instance they can be used in both in- and pre-match mode. Also, their analysis is more clear and structured. Even those who are new to CS:GO betting can manage it. All of the main betting variants are available on the official bookmaker’s websites.

Defining a Tournament

In order to properly start analysing the situation you need to decide on a tournament. If a competition is held in a specific venue with teams placed then all of the participants are more serious about the result. When the event is contested online, it is impossible to enjoy a stable internet connection. It may have an effect on movement and effective shooting.


In order to make a bet it is necessary to analyse the teams. Take into consideration what results the team has had in previous competitions, which players have played well or poorly. Don’t miss any of the details.

Changes in the line-up

In some sports, like football, the substitution of a player may not have much of an effect on the outcome of the match. In CS:GO, when the five-a-side matches are played, it’s the deciding factor. Every single player is important, as they are the key players. Replacing one key player can make the team a little weaker.

The Condition of the players

Pay attention to the emotional and physical condition of your players. This has a big influence on the outcome of the game. Take into consideration the time zones where the games take place. For example, American and European players find it quite difficult to get used to the time zones of Asian countries. They may feel tired and fatigued, and their performance will suffer.

Betting on CS:GO: benefits 

If you’re a beginner who can’t decide between traditional sports or cyber sports, you need to read about the benefits of video games and betting on them. The main factors that set eSports apart from the usual sports:

  • Online broadcasting – in order to make a video game match broadcasting you don’t need a lot of equipment, what can’t be said about the organisation of similar actions in traditional sports;
  • Stability – All top teams always participate in major tournaments. Additionally, eSports teams are more stable due to less influence of emotional weather conditions. Thus making a successful bet is a much easier process;
  • Betting mistakes – All professional players consider this factor as an advantage . Due to less involvement of bettors in cyber sports, bookmakers pay less attention to this section. Because of this, there are often errors that are an outlet for players.

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