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Bevru com Reviews Is Bevru com Legit?

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Are you a lover of delicious food that makes you regret eating it later? You don’t have the time or energy to exercise. Let us introduce you to Bevru.com today.

Today’s busy world means that we don’t take care of our bodies as well as we should, especially with Covid and the rise in work-from-home culture. We are lazy because we sit down and eat on our couch. However, exercise is an important part of our lives.

Let’s take the first step to a healthier life by checking out theBevru.com Reviews.

What’s Bevru com?

Bevru.com is an online e-commerce website that sells various fitness-related products such as dumbbells and Treadmills, stationary bikes, dumbbells, and home gyms. This site is one of many that sells such products.  Their prices are not only reasonable, but also very cheap.

Let’s continue exploring and verify that Bevru.com Reviews are legitimate.

Specification by Bevru com

URL – Bevru.com

Domain register date: 7th April 2021

Domain age: 116 Days

Email – [email protected]

Please contact no. –Not available

Address -Not available

Return Policy – Products can be returned within 7 days of the date they were received

Refund policy – A refund is available and will be credited within seven days

They accept only payment via Paypal

Shipping time – No proper information

  • Social media presence – Bevru Com Reviews has not been found on any social media platform
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Pros at Bevru com

  • Bevru.com has a valid SSL certificate
  • You can return or exchange your item.
  • Low prices for high quality products

Cons Of Bevru com

The negative points will include information about Bevru Com Reviews.

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Here are some of the cons highlighted:

  • Website is only 116 days old
  • We could not find any r views or no existences on social media platforms
  • The seller’s contact information is insufficient and doesn’t seem reliable.
  • If the refund policy is not customer-friendly, it’s a concern.
  • The prices they advertise for their products are not very appealing and raise a lot suspicions.

Is Bevru com Legit?

Many scams and frauds are out there in the name of ecommerce stores. Let’s look at some points to help us decide if the site is legit.

  • This website has a low trust score of 58.7 according to the Scam detector. It is not easy to trust.
  • In the contact details section, there is only an email-id. This doesn’t make sense if someone needs urgent assistance.
  • It is also quite young, only 116 days old.
  • We searched every social media platform and could not locate it. This is a strange result. Bevru.com Reviews also remain unreported.
  • Website design is very poor and unattractive.
  • Poor returns policies seem to indicate that the Return policy favors the seller more than the buyer.
  • Their products have unbelievably low prices. This is because no one offers this product with such strong build quality.

After doing all the research and going through all checks, we conclude that this website is fraudulent and buyers should reconsider buying from them.

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What Are Bevru com’s Reviews?

Everyone would love to have a home gym that is affordable and easily accessible so they can exercise whenever they want. We also hate being scammed by these e-commerce digital markets. Bevru com already looks very suspicious. This website has never received a review. Their products’ prices can be quite alarming. It is also questioned by scam detectors.

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Many people fall for the scam and get their credit cards stolen.


It is clear from the Bevru.com Reviews picture that this website does not look legitimate. We believe that it is better to wait for genuine reviews than to be lured by the low prices and end up being scammed.

Your thoughts on this website? Please do not forget to leave feedback in the comments section.

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