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Bigg Boss 3 contestant Sakshi Agarwal’s Hollywood movie trailer released by director Bharathiraja

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Director Bharathiraja has released the trailer of the movie ‘120 hours’, which has Bigg Boss 3 Tamil contestant Sakshi Agarwal in the lead role.

Director N.T.Nanda directed the acclaimed film ‘Valladesam’. He is currently directing the Hollywood film ‘120 hours’. Director Imayam Bharathiraja has released the trailer of the film and has given blessings to Nanda. In his congratulatory message, he said, ‘Tamils ​​who marvel at world cinemas are now directing world cinemas’. Praising that director Nanda has been intimidated in the trailer, Bharathiraja has also given blessings to Sakshi Agarwal and Pranay Kaliyappan, who starred in the film.

And when Bharatiraja talked about this film, ‘The heartbeat of Tamils ​​is now in Bigg Boss. Tamils ​​are identifying everyone inside the Bigg Boss house as being inside their own homes. In that sense, Sakshi Agarwal is popular not only among Tamils ​​but also among Tamils ​​all over the world. Nanda has introduced her to Hollywood after seeing the unbelievable talent of Sakshi Agarwal’s acting, changing the rule that only those in Bollywood can work in Hollywood. Sakshi Agarwal has said that she hopes this introduction will take her to the next level in the movie.

The film also stars many Hollywood stars, including Paul Terry and Sean Crohn.

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