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Bigg Boss Losliya’s father Mariyanesan passed away, fans are shocked by his sudden death

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Losliya is one of the upcoming stars of Tamil cinemas; she utilised her Bigg Boss popularity in the right way by signing up a few movies and constantly staying in touch with her fans through social media. Now news has come out that Losliya’s father Mr.s Mariyanesan has died suddenly. This has come as a shock to many fans as Losliya is known to be very close to her father even though her father was working in Canada for the past 10 years.

Losliya’s father, Mariyanesan, entered Bigg Boss house as a family guest last season and even gave her advice about the relationship with Kavin. Losliya got emotional seeing her father after 10 years inside Bigg Boss during season 3. Losliya’s father Mariyanesan died suddenly due to heart-attack in Canada and many of the celebrities including Cheran is mourning for his loss.
Losliya Father died
Losliya is currently starring in the film ‘Friendship’. In this situation, the news of the death of Losliya’s father Mariyanesan death has come out and shocked the fans. Following this, many fans have been offering condolences to Losliya on social media.

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