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Bigg Boss Suresh Chakravarthy’s son photo goes viral on social media

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Suresh Chakravarthy, one of the Bigg Boss Season 4 contestants, was a challenger to all the contestants and played with unprecedented talent. His cunning game surprised everyone.

It is noteworthy that Suresh, who was initially criticized as another Vanitha, but slowly people started to appreciate his gameplay by watching his tactical game and started a fan army for him.

But no one expected him to be suddenly ousted from the Bigg Boss house recently based on low votes. It is noteworthy that his army still cannot digest the expulsion of Suresh.

In this case, Suresh Chakravarthy, who has acted in a few films, including Balachander films, had shared a photo taken with his wife and son a few years back. Following this, he recently posted a photo with his son on the social website. Now fans are shocked to see his grown-up son and are commenting by appreciating his looks on social media.

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