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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Eviction: Seven contestants were nominated for eviction, will there be double elimination?

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Bigg Boss Season 4 Tamil started their new week with nomination task and this being the 7th-week thing are getting a lot more interesting due to the friction between housemates and Anitha. As expected most of the housemates targetted Anitha during the nomination task. Suchitra being the next most nominated contestant in this week.

Details of nomination list and registered votes against them

  • Suchitra – 9
  • Anita – 8
  • Som – 2
  • Rio – 2
  • Balaji – 2
  • Samyuktha – 2
  • Aari – 2

This resulted in seven contestants nominated for eviction during week 7. Out of these seven nominated contestants, one or two will be evicted this weekend. Since there was no eviction last week due to Diwali there might be double elimination in this week.
Balaji Vs Rio:
Balaji was angry because the reason was said to that Balaji is blindfolded by love. Balaji denied being in love and even spoke to Shivani that he is not in love with her and would tell her if he ever fell in love. Then Rio was angered by these words from Balaji, which resulted in him leaving the room by kicking the door. The other contestants were shocked to see it.

While Rio said that he was angry because Balaji said he would tear his ear, Balaji explained that he never meant that way. Then Balaji apologized saying that what he did was a mistake. The two compromised and the fight ended.

In the end, this was one of the controversial episodes, and the viewers enjoyed it as the nomination process made it interesting for everyone.

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