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Bigg Boss to introduce this contestant as wild card entry to counter Balaji Murugadoss’s threat inside the house

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The 4th season of Bigg Boss is running successfully in Tamil. Fans are of the opinion that no interesting task has been given till this day since the show started. Currently the 48 hour time prediction task is going on and they say it is not enjoyable and lively. But most of the contestants are giving their heart out and playing this task with full efforts.

It has been rumored for the past few days that serial actor Azeem is coming to Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry.

Similarly, Azim is posting cryptic messages on his Instagram photos about his entry by tagging Vijay Tv. Fans have been commenting under his recent post that he would be the right choice to oppose Balaji inside the house. There is no doubt that if the Bigg Boss team sends Azeem home as per the wishes of the fans he will definitely compete on par with Balaji.

Azeem has acted as a lead pair with Shivani in a serial and hence the chemistry between Azeem, Shivani and Balaji will be a crucial thing to watch once he enters the house.

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