Biggest Industries for Data Analysis Products and Solutions

The data analytics market in India is a booming industry, thanks to the powerful support of data analyst courses. The industry provides employment to a large number of IT engineers, software testers, DevOps analysts, and data scientists. 

Building a strategy roadmap requires teamwork and it can prove beneficial to work with a partner who is objective, evaluates the organization’s data maturity, and engages with your teams to identify the most important customer journeys and KPIs.”Advanced research strategies, such as data commercialisation may be recommended, especially for businesses planning to scale using reliable data acquired from campaigns.

For an industry that is growing at a 30% rate every year, the role of data analysts is considered to be an evolving one in the context of global IT and Cloud services management. In this article, we will highlight the top industries that serve as the biggest markets for data analysis solutions and platforms around the world.

Employee onboarding and staffing software

Automation is really the biggest outcome of today’s data analysis market. Many companies are looking to automate the bulk of their operations. Automation not only reduces the dependence on human intelligence and manual effort for compliance management but also saves time and money by getting things done faster and in a more effective manner. 

One of the fastest growing industries in this domain is employee onboarding software as used by HR teams and recruitment agencies. These are sophisticated platforms that use data and analysis of human data and their employment profile before getting them to join a company. They are part of the growing SaaS tools for HR administrations and a very large number of Big Data analysts are working on creating a niche for themselves through custom built employee onboarding and employee experience management solutions. 

Smart Building Management/ Real Estate Management

The growth of real estate properties demands the use of technology and data analysts courses are now focusing on one of the biggest markets in this domain – smart building technologies. These are mostly running on cloud software powered by artificial intelligence, computer science, and big data analysis. 

Top ranking smart building technology companies provide IoT driven solutions to manage various aspects of building management. These are related to water storage and transmission, energy management, elevator and fire control, HVAC, and security. 

The use of technology prevents the wastage of resources that are scarce in urban areas. In addition to saving resources, it also provides ample protection and safety against man-made crises and natural calamities like fire, flooding, earthquakes, and hurricane. 

Smart factory management 

The manufacturing industry is still reeling with a lot of problems with respect to operations and maintenance of heavy and lightweight equipment, etc. In large factories, data analysts are hired to study the performance of various tools and equipment with the intent to improve their overall productivity. 

Poor tools and bad machines are either overhauled with maintenance or if it is not worth the money, often discarded with newer technologies. Every heavy machinery company supplying goods to railways, shipyards, airports, agriculture, etc uses new age software solutions to build what is now called the “smart factory” ecosystem. If you are keen to join a smart factory setup, joining data analyst courses would get you there for sure.

Healthcare management

Healthcare is one of the biggest markets for IT and big data solutions. The rise in patient care data and subsequent increase in mobile applications for remote patient management have thrown new challenges into the face of healthcare services. It is impossible to work in the healthcare ecosystem if you are not accustomed to using software for your compliance. 

Considering the fact that the compliance and governance are huge requirements in this domain, data analysts are required to pursue additional certification in data governance, data privacy, and cybersecurity frameworks to ensure their systems are not exposed to threats and poor managerial policies. 

Gaming and mobile applications 

Gamification of every business process is leading us to rely on new age technologies like AR VR and new concepts have arrived to force us to adopt metaverse and NFTs. Big data, blockchain, and gaming techniques are converging here at mobile application development platforms to ensure we are constantly relying on the inputs and insights provided by data analysts to maneuver in the relatively new industry. 

These are supported by AI based technologies that pump in a large volume of real time insights which are then used by analysts to build a product driven strategy for a better experience and content management. Overall, if you are looking to be a gamer analyst, this is the best time to join an AI organization that makes products for these industries. 

Data, marketing, and content – these would remain the pillars of the global market using data analysis today. You should get training with the best data analyst courses for a bright future.

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