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Biogreen Mask Reviews Is Green mask stick Legit?

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Have You Been sick of Big pores or blackheads on your nose? Or do you have Acne and Pimples that allow you to get self-conscious in public?


We are here with our unbiased Biogreen Mask Reviews to clear all your doubts and queries. We’ll also help you Determine if this product is genuine and if the Biogreen mask is the right product for you.


Although the company has Established recently, they claim to deliver their product Worldwide. Let’s assess some additional information about the corporation.

About Biogreen Mask

The Business currently focuses solely on a single Merchandise — Facial mask stick. The mask stick is suitable for all skin types and instantly will help eliminate pimples, acne, blackheads, and pores.

We are not here with only Biogreen Mask Reviews, but also with each Vital detail required to Authenticate the organization and maintain the buyers secure. We request you to read our entire review carefully.

The specialty of the Item

  • The item is currently available with a 48% reduction (Limited time until stock lasts).
  • You can find an extra discount of 10 percent on buying 2 mask sticks and 30 percent on buying 3.
  • The item is available on several different e-commerce websites such as amazon.
  • Many before and after use videos and photos are available of the product.

Before taking a look at Biogreen Mask Reviews, let us see the specifications along with the advantages and disadvantages of the product.


  • This product is a Mask at a Stick form.
  • It’s suitable to all types of skin
  • Clay and Charcoal, Green Tea Oil, are some organic Ingredients used in its composition.
  • The Price is 4500 INR but post discount it is 2300 INR per unit
  • The core region it supplies effects to excess oil, cleansing of skin, elimination of dead skin cells, and even more. It also prevents the skin from regular acne.
  • Guarantee/Warranty- Not Specified
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Please keep reading Biogreen Mask Reviews, as we will soon answer the question when the item is legit or a scam.

Advantages of the product

  • The item is acceptable for all skin types.
  • The merchandise has clay and charcoal that assist deep cleansing your skin.
  • It can be utilized for numerous issues like blackheads to acne or pores to pimples. You do not have to purchase several therapy solutions.
  • The item is very simple to use.
  • Biogreen Facial mask stick can be bought from several sites shipping Worldwide.

After assessing the experts Biogreen Mask Reviews, let us now look at some disadvantages aspects.

Disadvantages of the Item

  • The specifications of this product are missing.
  • The product is not popular among the users.
  • Different websites have similar kind of merchandise.

How to use this Green mask stick

  1. Twist the bottom to reveal the paste and apply.
  2. After applying to the face evenly, then leave it around for about 10 minutes.
  3. Following the mask dries, rinse with water or a moist cloth.

Is Green mask stick Legit?

The authenticity of any product should be Cross-checked before investing your confidence in it. We’ve done everything on your behalf to find whether the item is legit or not. Let us assess the facts —

  • Client Reviews — many Biogreen Mask Reviews are available on the company’s website and other retailers also.
  • Trust Index Score — The selling portal trust indicator score is 76% which is okay but could have been better.
  • Product popularity — The product being new, isn’t very popular.
  • Copied Content — The product’s videos and images do not seem to be replicated but little manipulated.
  • Payment Techniques — Many payment methods are available.
  • Specification page — Specifications of the products are lacking on the primary site.
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Let us now look at some customer’s feedback.

There are many positive reviews on the market The main website with pictures but that does not mean that there are not any bad ones. We’ve searched throughout the web and found restricted reviews which have said that the merchandise does gentle skin but doesn’t plunge out your pours as exhibited in the demonstration videos.

Let’s conclude here in order to make this directly. The product is new with less popularity and limited testimonials. The product is fairly pricey and many old or branded alternative products can be taken into account. We advise you to go for deep search.

Have you ever used the product? Do You have some Biogreen Mask Reviews? Let us know in the comments below.

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