29 Black Friday marketing tips to drive growth this year

This year’s “Black Friday ” weekend sale will be held on 26th November. This event is marked as the biggest event every year to offer sales with minimum possible prices. Every year people from all the other countries flock to the United States to take part in it. Unfortunately, last year this sale could not achieve good profits as compared to the previous years due to the pandemic outbreak. People did not have any strategy on how to counter it so that it does not affect their sales. This year, in 2021, people have made shopping convenient for the people by launching these sales online as well.

All the web hosting business owners are recommended to follow the best marketing techniques to grow hosting business to widen their reach on the Internet.

So, here we are to assist these merchants by discussing some of the best marketing tips that can be utilized by them to boost their sales this  year. These marketing tips are suggested by Shopify pro and have been adopted by top ten marketing agencies.

Promote about being fully stocked

Make sure that your online and physical stores are fully loaded with quality oriented stock. If not, there is a chance you will lose your referral customers and might get some very angry emails and calls

Disseminate promotional ads made by staff

You should be well prepared with a large fleet of managerial staff so that you can manage the huge influx of crowd in your store. Your staff should advertise your store and tell the people that they are eager to serve them

Promote your store and products by advertisement marketing

Before the day of sale arrives, it is very necessary for the companies to promote their store by running ad campaigns on social media platforms. These campaigns can be paid as well so that it may ensure bulk of ads being displayed.

SMS marketing

For those who are still unable to use the internet, SMS is a world to them. Make use of this medium by sending messages which serve as a constant reminder for the people and it does not let them forget you.

Email marketing

Make sure that you utilize this powerful medium of marketing. Every person has an email address. You just need to get a list of sme valid email addresses and send a burst of email informing them daily till Black Friday sale day arrives.

Tell people about your discounts

Make sure that you are able to tell people about the discounts that you offer. If your discount rates are attractive, it is very likely that people will flock to your website and make purchases.

Tell about limited-time offers

It should be clearly stated on the ads, SMSs or emails about the expiry date or time of the offer. This will help you to swipe the clean slate by selling all your products within no time

Add popups

Scheduled pop-ups will help you to gather the attention of your potential customer time and again. State on your popups about the discounted rates, the time of delivery, and limited-time offers. This will generate urgency and its repeated visibility will allow the customer to visit your site for once to check all the offers.

Add Call to Action buttons

Do not let your customer get stuck in long purchase processes. Instead, add CTA buttons which are an easy way to reduce the cart abandonment and increasing the conversion rate

Promote your store timings

Do a little bit of market research and try to estimate the time at which the other shops open or close. Makeyour timings are a bit different. It will help you to find out those who are “really” your customers

Add discounts according to the timings

You can shift your discount rates according to the different times of the day. For example, if you do not get a good response in time due to extreme weather conditions, there is no need to worry. You can spread the news that the discount rate will increase in the evening and the items will be changed as well.

Add surprises to your offers

Surprises are the best way to attract people. Upon visiting the website, add a surprise-free discount voucher off a standard amount.  It can be simply understood as offering tens and hundreds of free to avail products and then earning millions in return

Offer free shipping or free delivery

Black Friday sales are not confined to discounts only. You can attract people by adding free shipping and free delivery charges. Although they are minimum as compare to the actual price of the product bought but psychologically it relieves the mind of the customer that he has availed something free of cost

Add catchy subject lines

Your subject line should be so catchy and attractive that the customer is compelled to visit your store at least. So you will have to master the art of writing attractive messages and slogans for your website and products

Set a standard purchase order and give gifts on it

This will attract a lot of your customers. Just set a standard number of products that are to be purchased and then offer gifts to those who fulfill the requirement. Simple.

Link your offers to the next sale event

In case you are unable to generate a good amount as expected, there is nothing to worry about. You ill just have to take the previously offered discount to the next event. This will not affect your sales and hence you will be able to achieve your desired amount of profit.

Identify your loyal customers and offer different deals to them

The loyal customers should be reached separately and they should be offered separate benefits other than the local people to make them feel privileged.

Add countdowns

Make sure that you have a countdown running on your website till the day arrives. This will create an excitement amongst people and they will wait for the countdown to get over.

Add Peek – a – Boo

Display blurry or hidden pictures of discounts so that people become curious to know  what is hidden behind them.

Make hour based sales

Every hour on Black Friday is important. So change your strategy and add hourly deals so that people may avail the most of it.

Offer bundle deals

You should offer deals to cover the cost of 2 products by selling them as a deal for example buy one get one free offers

Add promo codes

This will allow your customers to add the code stated on an ad to the product page and avail discount

Offer discount on scanning of product code

Despite entering the code, offer a service to scan the code. This will distribute the crowd and you will be able to manage the high influx of customers.

Add videos and images

On your website or store add videos and images that are attractive to direct the customer in to your store.

Use chatbots to engage people

By using chat bts, you can ensure that people are showing interest in your website. So never be ashamed on using a robo – mechanic software to bring you profits

Target your dormant customers

Here we are using the term “ dormant “ for those customers who have stopped using your website on account of any reason. Target them and make sure you come up with such a strategy that attracts them here. You can offer special discounts to those who have once made a purchase at your site.

Make mobile-friendly apps for your website

Everyone is using mobile phones these days so it is high time to take advantage of it. Introduce mobile-friendly apps that are easy to download and are easy to navigate in between the pages.

Use social media for your help

Promoting ads on social media is different. Making your website prominent despite ads promotion is another strategy. You can paste links and post about your site on different pages and groups that have a large number of members.

Do not worry about offering COD

Offering the option of Cash on Delivery will increase the trust of your customer on you. It will also make you realize that quality-oriented item has to be delivered in order to earn profits

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