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Boujee Hippie Reviews Specifications of Boujee Hippie

Are you trying to find a product online? This article will guide you to the right path and provide you with shopper’s Boujee Hippie Review.

Do you enjoy wearing body shapewear? Are you looking for fashionable apparel on online platforms? You can find almost any item on the Internet in many countries, including the United States.

Boujee Hippie also claims to offer a variety of clothing and body shapes. To view the details of the products, go to the URL of this website. You can also read Boujee Hippopie Reviews.

About Boujee Hippie

Boujee Hippie offers limited merchandise in the United States. These include apparel, weight-management tools, body shapewear, and other items. Boujee hippie currently does not offer any discount so that you can wait for the sale. Boujee hippie will no longer accept orders between 21/07/2022 and 25/07/2022. It will be resumed on 26/07/2022.

It also shares all other details on the website, so that you can read them before purchasing items from Boujee hippie.

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Specifications of Boujee Hippie

  • The website URL is
  • Boujee Hippie claims to have BAWDY Shapewear. Weight Management, Apparel, etc.
  • Boujee Hippie shares the company address at 3160 Commonwealth Dr. Suite 130 Dallas TX 75247.
  • Boujee Hippie indicated that working hours are from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST.
  • Boujee Hippie shared with us that Customer Service will be closed December 23rd to 26th and December 31-Jan 3, respectively, and that there is no shipping on holidays.
  • It also mentioned the contact phone number (248) 829-1168
  • Boujee Hippie also drops the email address, i.e., [email protected].
  • Shopper’s Boujee is not available on the verified podium or website.
  • Boujee Hippie has made all the social media platforms completely empty. Means no pages.
  • Boujee Hippie takes five business days for your order to be processed.
  • You can request a refund within 30 days via the Boujee Hippie portal.
  • Boujee Hippie accepts payments online using different payment methods such as paypal.
  • Boujee Hippie holds a security certification, which means it is secure.
  • You don’t have to pay any additional charges for shipping fees if you order exceeds 75 dollars.


  • Boujee Hippie reviews and can be reached using the contact details. All points have been discussed on the website.
  • Boujee Hippie claims that Boujee Hippie makes high-quality products.
  • Boujee Hippie is completely secured with SSL integrations and HTTPs.

Site Advantages

  • Boujee Hippie shared an untrue company location. Google Maps does NOT hold that location.
  • Boujee Hippie’s website is messy and only a small amount of content is visible.
  • Boujee Hippie took the shipping fee, with few terms and conditions.
  • We were unable to find any reviews from the shoppers.
  • Boujee Hippie doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter page.

Is Boujee hippie legit Or Fake

  • Boujee Hippie was registered on 12/05/2019. That is not too long.
  • Boujee Hippie is set to end on 12/05/2023.
  • Boujee Hippie was awarded the trust rank (i.e. 88.7/100), which is quite reasonable.
  • Boujee Hippie has an index of trust, i.e. 76%.
  • Information regarding the founder of Boujee Hippie is not available.
  • Boujee Hippie does not have any feedback from shoppers.
  • There aren’t any pages on any social networking site that relate to Boujee Hippie.
  • Boujee Hippie shared copied content on the portal and mismanaged data.

Boujee Hippie is questionable. Please do not order from them.

User Boujee Hippie reviews

Boujee Hippie offers body shape apparel, apparel, and other products. So you can give them a try once. However, before shopping, please read feedback from users. Although we tried to collect feedback on Boujee Hippie, no line was visible on the trustpilot; wait for reviews. Please see the steps to protect your payment from PayPal.


Final words: We have some requirements to close this post.

, apparel etc. Boujee Hippie is a fake company address. Good trust rank. Boujee Hippie shut down for a few days. There was no social media activity. The site seems suspicious. It looks questionable.

Have you purchased any Boujee Hippie products? Leave your comments and reviews about Boujee Hippie.

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