Briansclub: How Does It Ensure Cvv Dump Security?

BriansClub is one of the largest online sellers of credit card data, CVVs, dumps, and fullz. It has been around for many years and most of its life, it has proven useful for its customers.

Since the business model needs special security arrangements, BriansClub makes use of state-of-the-art technologies for online security.

Let’s see how Briansclub ensures the security of its CVV dumps selling service for users.

How secure is BriansClub?

The biggest hacking event that happened with BriansClub was its hacking in 2019 when much of its data was leaked online. Since then, BriansClub has made some changes to further improve its security. The website has not been reported for hacking since then.

Currently, BriansClub is working fine. It is offering credit card data, CVVs, Fullz, and dumps.

Let’s look into the security measure BriansClub takes to make sure its security is foolproof.

How BriansClub makes sure its data is safe for users?

Before we see how BriansClub makes sure its data is safe, it is important to know that the data leakage in 2019 was for the credit cards and not, not the buyers. The buyer’s data was still intact.

These are some of the ways BriansClub cm secures its data.

Database Encryption

BriansClub uses database encryption that stops any unwanted and unauthorized intruders to reach the database.

It implements both transparent data encryption (TDE) and field-level encryption to make its data secure. The encryption libraries make sure the database is secure.

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

Like any other secure website, BriansClub uses Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) and minutely observes all the activities in the database. This way, any irregularity can be spotted quickly.

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) also sets up alarms and notifications for unwanted events or access tries. In short, Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) is one of the best ways to guard your website database and for this precise reason, BriansClub uses this technique.

Database Auditing and Logging

BriansClub regularly audits its credit card database and logs all the changes made to the database, either by the administrators or buyers.

This log gives an additional layer of security in addition to database activity management. The database auditing and logging help spot anomalies and potential security breaches.

Least Privilege Access for Buyers and other Users

The least privileged access in database security is to give the minimum necessary access to the users for performing the tasks they want or need to perform.

BriansClub takes advantage of Least Privilege Access to further strengthen its database security. The buyers and admins are given a minimum level of access to the database and their actions are logged.

Database Firewall

It goes without saying that Brians Club uses state-of-the-art Database Firewalls. As obvious, BriansClub does not disclose the database firewall they use but my guess is they are using something like IBM Security Guardium Insights or even better.

Database Patch Management

The Database Patch Management for database security is responsible for spotting and correcting security lapses and any problems with the database management system (DBMS). It applied security patches and updates the security software.


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