Bug Bulb Scam: What you need to know!

You can read exclusive reviews about bug bulb scam. Check out the features and benefits of Bug Bulb Zapper.

People are getting ready for the evenings to be spent outdoors as the United States summer approaches. There is one problem everyone has to deal with. The mosquitoes ruin your dinner, or casual gatherings while sharing stories or playing music!

Want to get rid of mosquitoes using Bug Zappers? Let’s find out more about Bulb Scam.

What is a Bug Bulb Zapper?

Bug Bulb Zappers emit UV light using UV LED bulbs to attract mosquitos. A small electric coil is wrapped around the tube that emits UV light, causing it to shock flying insects with high voltage.


Since decades, insect zappers are used. Only their sizes were different. In restaurants, you may have noticed a commercial-grade UV zapper with tubes emitting blue light. This device is designed to kill and trap houseflies.

Bug Bulb Review its effectiveness:

It is important to note that the effectiveness of Bug Bulb Zapp depends on the following factors:

  • Coverage area
  • Angle of coverage
  • UV wavelength is the length of UV radiation
  • Test results
  • Safety Features
  • Water Resistant
  • Clean easily
  • Durability,
  • Portability,
  • Batteries, etc.
  • Bug Bulbs can be considered to be a scam, as UV lights are less effective when used in indoor or outdoor lighting that is bright.
  • UV wavelengths are less intense and cover a smaller area.
  • Due to UV LED placement, most zappers don’t cover upper or lower area.
  • Most of the zapper websites used unreliable/unauthentic internal review system giving rise to Bug Bulb Scam. Top and powerful zappers received 4.9/5 star ratings.
  • Test results indicate that mosquitoes attracted to the Zapper are trapped and killed. It does not kill all mosquitoes.
  • They are enclosed in a grid of plastic that protects humans from shock.
  • The fabric is resistant to water and can be washed with tap water.

Popularity of the brand:

BugBulb has been used as a name by hundreds of companies, such as Boundery ZappMax, Bug Bulb, Mosquitron, BlitzyBug, Buggwatch, LightBite, BuzzBlast, Fuze Bug, ElectriZap, Dorikabite, Zap Ninja, Etc. Bug Bulb scam is a rumour.


Bug Bulb Zappers can be used outdoors at night and in evenings, as mosquitoes tend to congregate in areas with greenery, such as the backyard, a patio or a camping site. Bug Bulb Zappers are equipped with a hook for hanging.


Due to their low efficiency, bug bulb zappers may be a scam. Bug Bulb Zappers have a high profit margin, so they are heavily marketed. Zappers are priced between $39 and $59. Five pieces of Zapper are available for $19.99. This indicates a huge profit. Scam Bulb is a scam that takes advantage of people by making high-priced claims.

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