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Build a Skin–Saving Routine_ Must – Have Skincare Products for Men

Listen up, brothers – taking care of your skin shouldn’t be a woman’s thing. The truth is that men’s skin requires proper care just as much, and this is not only for cosmetic purposes but for health reasons as well.

Science has long since figured out that the skin is the body’s largest organ, providing essential protection against all sorts of toxins and other harmful environmental factors. Skincare for men shouldn’t be any less important than hitting the gym or following a proper diet – and not to mention the looks you’ll start getting from women. Take it from one man to another – women love men with great skin!

But I can almost see you there furrowing your eyebrows and scratching your head. Men? Skincare? Where to even begin? Gotcha. Here’s how you, as a man, can build a skin-saving routine by using the must-have skincare products for men. Read on!


Yeah, sunscreen. That gooey white thing you put on the beach – or rather, that mostly your girlfriend puts. But here’s a skincare hack: sunscreen is a crucial part of any skincare routine, as it helps protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays – not to mention skin cancer. And you might be asking all right, but why would I need protection from the sun? It’s only dangerous on those scorching hot summer days. Well, that’s where you’re wrong!

See, the sun is always on you whenever you’re outside. Cloudy or scorching hot, the sun’s UV rays will reach your skin and will cause premature aging. If you’ve ever noticed some tiny dark spots on your skin or increased wrinkles – congratulations, that’s the sun’s doing.

So here’s a skincare pro tip: it’s recommended that you apply some sunscreen every time you leave your house. 

Choose one with an SPF of 30 or higher, and make sure it protects from both UVA and UVB rays (it may say “broad spectrum” on the bottle). The optimal way to use sunscreen is to apply it 15-30 minutes before any sun exposure, then also reapply it every two hours – especially after swimming or sweating.


Skincare hack number 2 is the moisturizer. You’ve probably heard women talk about ‘forgetting to apply their moisturizer’ or something like that, and you’ve heard them mention it because it’s really that important. In short, a moisturizer is a skincare product that helps nourish and retain your skin’s natural water, keeping it healthy and supple as opposed to brittle, dry, rough, or cracking.

Applying a moisturizer is called hydrating your skin, and it’s crucial to do it after showering or washing your face since most detergents remove your skin’s natural protective oils. The more supple and elastic your skin is kept, the less wrinkly it will get. When choosing a moisturizer, consider your skin type, as different moisturizers are formulated for different skin types. If you have oily skin, look for products saying “for oily skin” or water-based moisturizers, or thicker, smoother formulas if you have dry skin. 

Body Wash

Skincare for men hack number 3 is the neglected body wash. But oftentimes body washes can be crucial in boosting your self-esteem because they can reduce pimples, prevent acne and remove dark spots all over your body. 

It is essential to choose a body wash that is gentle on your skin and does not strip it of its natural oils. Your best bet is getting a body wash that is pH balanced and contains natural ingredients like tea tree oil or aloe vera, both of which are known for their soothing and moisturizing properties. It is recommended to use a body wash every time you shower or bath, or ideally once a day.

Face Wash

Hack number 4 for men’s skincare: use a face wash. Also referred to as a ‘cleanser’, the face wash is a product that helps remove dead skin cells, excess skin oil, as well as microscopic dirt and impurities from your face, keeping it clean and fresh. It is important to use a face wash that is suitable for your skin type so that it doesn’t irritate or dry your skin. 

Ideally, look for a face wash for men that says ‘non-comedogenic’ on the label, since it does not clog your pores and won’t give you acne. When it comes to face wash, it’s best to use it once in the morning and once before going to bed.

Foot Cream

A less discussed and often overlooked element of any skincare routine – even those for women – is the foot cream. Feet creams help hydrate and soothe your feet, keeping them soft and healthy – and maybe most importantly – good looking. Foot creams are especially important if you suffer from thick or cracked skin on your heels. 

Dry skin on your feet can cause you all sorts of health problems, from chafing to bleeding, and even nasty infections. So, grab yourself a good foot cream, ideally rich in urea, glycerin, or shea butter – and apply once a day before going to bed. 


Taking care of your skin brings tons of benefits and it should be a top priority, regardless of gender. For men, the essential skincare routine should include items like sunscreen, moisturizer, body wash, face wash, and possibly a foot cream. 

These skincare products for men will help protect your skin from environmental damage, keep it hydrated and nourished, as well as prevent common skin issues like dryness, acne, and premature aging. Remember, the skin is the largest organ in your body, so investing in your skin is investing in your health – and your good looks.

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