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Long ago, land-based casinos opened their doors to the public, and modern times allowed many players to play on the go. As a result, they migrated to online casinos, finding the same exciting atmosphere from a traditional casino.

This migration process started in 1995 when the iGaming business began offering an ever-increasing thrilling experience with online casinos. Once the business owner uses dedicated software, his website will offer many exciting features to any bettor.

Let’s look at the start of legalized betting and concepts related to an online casino’s profitability.

Casinos, Politics, and Law: An Overview

In the past 26 years, casinos vastly expanded in the United States, and they quickly turned into a major betting industry. Before 1980, casino betting was legal only in Nevada and Atlantic City.

That was the beginning of a complex process to legalize betting, and, over time, almost 30 states have legalized this social activity. You may wonder why many states have approved the commercial betting practice, an explanation being their perception of betting as a tool that stimulates economic growth.

Legislators will consider the increased employment, growth in retail sales, and greater tax revenue for both local governments and the state as the main benefits of gambling. In addition, the National Gambling Impact Study Commission released an official report about betting.

They showed that betting became an accepted activity at a social level because:

  •  there was increased fiscal pressure on the state budget;
  • people feared a loss of revenue to casinos in neighboring states;
  • the public had a more favorable attitude towards casinos.

Also, consider that in 1988, authorities approved the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, which allowed the Indian tribes to open and operate casinos on their reservations. As a consequence, many American states have tribal and corporate casinos in their territories.

During that period, representatives from the casino industry and local governments promoted that casino gambling contributes to a state’s economic development. This idea has remained open for debate.

Two Concepts about Your Casino’s Profitability

1.    House Edge

When you play at an online casino, you must consider the actual odds: you win the casino’s money versus the casino wins your money. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you prefer slot machines, roulette, table games, or something else because the casino has a higher chance of winning your money than you winning theirs.

Why does this happen? The casino has better odds than you because all games of luck and those of chance contain a built-in edge. Its purpose is to diminish your chances of winning and the size of the payouts.

If you have built a casino website and wish to manage it, iGaming platforms allow you to perform all necessary functions, including house edge. A good example of this can be found when browsing through BetConstruct online casino games.

A definition of the house edge is the average gross profit you can obtain from each game on your online casino. For example, the games with the smallest house edge generate a casino’s 1% to 2% profit while those with a higher one generate 15%, 25%, or even more.

2.    Extra House Edge

When you have longer gaming sessions at online casinos, your playing results increase the chance of matching house edge. This extra house edge may motivate you in the short term to continue playing, but in the long run, the casino will be the winner.

Online Casinos, Specialized Software, and Profits: Closing Thoughts

Betting is a widespread phenomenon, especially in the United States. Starting with the 80s, state legislators have started to legalize the opening of casinos and their subsequent development.

After 1995, many traditional players have started to play online, which led to an increased number of online casinos. Nowadays, if you are an entrepreneur and use professional iGaming software, you can develop an attractive online casino.

If you wonder why your website can generate lots of money and attract different players, consider the general idea of profit. Keep in mind two fundamental concepts: house edge and extra house edge.


Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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