Build Your Brand with Your Spotify Playlist Artwork

Sharing your Spotify playlist with millions of people on the Internet is one way to quickly build your brand. But, to do this, you must follow some basic steps. In this article, you will be learning how to build a brand with your Spotify playlist artwork so keep reading.
How to Use Spotify for Your Playlist Artwork

  1. Select Your Artwork
    The first step is to create the artwork for your brand. This will include the playlist cover, the brand colors, texts, your logo, among others. You can choose to perform these from scratch by using a design app or by outsourcing to a designer. This will allow you to fully interpret your idea and design something unique. However, it may take time and effort before you arrive at your desired design. If you would like to save your time or you are not someone who cares much about creating things from scratch, then you can get ready-made artwork. There are many sites available on the internet that provide different artworks for people to use in curating their playlists.
  2. Upload Your Work
    After you have gotten your playlist artwork ready, the next step is to upload it on Spotify. It is important to mention that the only way you can upload your work on Spotify now is by using your desktop browser because there is no support for uploading on mobile.
    To upload, first of all, add your chosen artwork to the gallery. Secondly, open your playlist to select the artwork. Thirdly, type in your name and the description of the playlist in the field provided. After that, select the image to upload and the file. Finally, click on “Save”.
  3. Share Your Work
    After uploading, the next step to building your brand is to share your playlist with users on Spotify. This process is idie and will only take a couple of minutes. Also, there are different ways you can share your work. First of all, copy the link to your playlist (which is available in the URL) and then share it with people. When they open it, they will arrive at a web browser. The second option is to share a Spotify link which you will find when you click on the “Alt” key on Windows or the “Option” key if you are using a Macbook. However, whomever you are sharing with must also have a Spotify app. Another option is to use the social media buttons available to share your work. Lastly, you can share by embedding your playlist to your own website.
  4. Be Consistent
    Consistency is key and it will allow users to easily identify your artwork. Make sure you are consistent with the type of image, style of text, and always ensure that your logo is present on your artwork.
    Remember, your presentation goes a long way in helping to build your brand. Before uploading your artwork and sharing them with the public, make sure it looks professional enough. If you are not sure of your own judgment, you can ask close friends or other playlist curators for their opinions.

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