Building a customer-centric brand with Field Service Management software

Services which require on-field execution usually include dealing with multiple stakeholders across vendors, labor, managers and – customers. Considering this, still, 52% of service-based companies deliver their work manually.

Having so many manual touchpoints for your field service operations will only lead to more chaos as your business grows. You may experience flattened business growth because of customer churn and the inability to satisfy their needs as promised.

You can avoid business stagnation due to manual processes by simply digitizing your business. For this, well-organized field service businesses use field service management software.

What is field service management software?

Field service management software helps you organize and automate your field service operational workflows like managing workers, fleet, procurement, sales representatives, etc.

A good field service management app would help you create a customer-focused organization. For example, Zuper’s FMS app uses technology to enable your customer management, accounting tasks, location tracking and estimation – all in one app.

Why use field service management software?

Field Service Management software will help you deliver a consistent customer experience by providing visibility and control of the field service operations.

In Field Service Businesses – ensuring consistent delivery is difficult due to multiple communication touchpoints.

You constantly face questions like:

Has the driver reached the job site on time?

Why are your workers not delivering on time?

Do you need to stock materials?

Not knowing the progress of your job means you will not have answers to your customer queries too.

By using a Field Service Management app – you can track your fleet’s location, labor movements on the job site and schedule updates for your customer. From finances, and inventory to customer communication, an FSM app will streamline your operations to better profits.

This, in turn, improves your customer experience.

Choosing a field service management software that improves customer satisfaction

Opting a general project management software is not suitable for a field service business. Providing customer satisfaction does not follow the same pattern for every industry.

Thus, you should opt for dedicated software that understands your industry and customers’ needs.

Here’s how a Field Service Management software like Zuper helps you provide exceptional customer experience:

Bring clarity to communication

An FSM software will help you coordinate between the customer and the field service technician. 

Got an emergency call for maintenance? An FSM app will help you find the nearest available technician to take care of it. You can inform your customer about the assigned professional – their arrival time, reviews by other customers, performance, language spoken by labor, etc.

This helps build trust with the customer by removing any ambiguity of an unknown person coming to their office or home.

You can also coordinate with your vendors for updating the status of their delivery. If you are a vendor for someone else – you can update your customer about the progress of your fleet.

Improve response time

Field Service Management Software helps you with location tracking and routing. You can improve delivery times by optimizing routes. You can assure your customer of on-time delivery by providing live tracking of the parcel or technician.

An FSM app also helps communicate with the customer in real time. If you received support ticket requests, you can immediately respond to provide a solution. 

You can also help your technicians in the case of an emergency.

For example, you may observe your fleet is not moving for the past 2 hours. What if they met with an accident or got caught up in a flat tyre situation? You can contact them for a status update and also send help on time.

Optimize workflows

Field servicing businesses are operationally intensive and there is always room for improvement.

Are you observing customer churn from a certain market? – you can check data and analyze at which touchpoint did the customer get unhappy. Maybe your technician was always late or didn’t solve the problem at hand. Or maybe the customer had different expectations from your services.

An FSM app helps you identify such patterns and take proactive measures to fix them as soon as possible.

Look professional

If your Field Service Management software allows branding – you can present your customers with a good portal to check the project progress and send reports. You can also send real-time updates about any potential delays or project milestones to help them prepare accordingly.

You can brand your invoicing and communication for consistency.

Build a trusted brand with Field Service Management Software

Being equipped with the Field Service Management app helps you present a consistent image throughout the customer journey. From personalization to optimization – an FSM app is key to unlocking customer insights and using them for your business growth.

Zuper can enable your customer experience stack as mentioned on this blog – book a demo today to know how.

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