Bunnings Dyson Scam The Bunnings Dyson Scam- What Is It?

The guide provides details on the new Bunnings Dyson Scam which targets many people in different areas.

Many scams are currently being perpetrated and people are being targeted Australia in name Bunnings. Scammers trick people to obtain personal information.

Scammers use fake websites, emails, and texts to trick people into giving them gifts and job opportunities. Bunnings is alerted to fake social media posts by its customers and advises them not to be ignored.

Scammers claim they can sell Dyson products for as low $4. But, this is not related to Bunnings. These scams should be avoided. Bunnings Dyson Scam has many victims.

What is Bunnings?

Bunnings, a household hardware chain that is well-known and owned by Wesfarmers, has been in operation since 1994. The company operates stores in New Zealand, Australia. In 1886, an English immigrant brother started the company in Perth. The company started as a small business and was focused on sawmilling. The company was made a public in 1952. It also ventured into retail, taking over several hardware shops.

Market share in the local Bunnings market is 50%. It is now the household brand and scammers are using it to commit frauds.

The Bunnings Dyson Scam- What Is It?

Bunnings scam is a Facebook post scam in which scammers target loyal customers. Scammers are sending false text messages and sharing fake posts on behalf of the company. They urge people to provide their personal information to receive gifts and rewards.

Scammers are using fake offers and promotions to lure people and claim they have Dyson products for as low as $4. The brand warned customers that they do not offer these deals and advised them to ignore the posts.

Bunnings Dyson Scam targets a lot of people and the company has made efforts to make sure they are aware of all their customers.

How does the scam work?

This scam targets many people by using Facebook posts and fake emails, false text messages, and websites that claim to offer job opportunities, prizes, or gifts. They send out suspicious links to encourage people to click them.

They click to be redirected to a third party website, where they will need to complete different tasks.

  • You can fill out an online survey
  • Commenting, sharing and liking the Facebook Page
  • You can share personal information by phone
  • You can claim the prize by using a fake email

Bunnings Dyson Scam is a scam that targets many people. The company has been warning their customers to remain alert. They are asked not to divulge any information and to report the scam email, phone calls and emails to their local police department and cyber security team.

Anyone who receives scam messages at Bunnings is urged to report it immediately to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.


Bunnings is an Australian household hardware chain that has millions of customers. Scammers have taken advantage of the brand name to make bogus claims about people. Scammers use fake emails and Facebook pages to scam people into doing Bunnings Dyson Scam.

These scams can ask for personal information and lead to you being offered gifts, Dyson products at $4 or job opportunities. Keep an eye out for scams .

Are you able to give your opinion on the scam? You can share your information in the comment section.

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