Butane Gas Cylinders Price

Butane gas cylinders are required for some families to cook, heat water for hot drinks or to take a shower, to heat a room, and to do other essential things. The price of butane have been raising without stop and it is affecting a lot of families in Spain, which depends of the gas cylinders to lead their normal life and cover their basic needs. Here you will be able to find the latest price of the butane gas cylinders. It is known that this price is regulated by the government and while this regulation is in effect the price can not raise above the established limit. The butane gas cylinders price tends to raise every two months, and it is because the international prices of butane and propane raise too. As long as the price trend continue in rising, spanish families will be worried. Are you searching for precio bombona butano hoy? Keep reading and you will find its current price.

Types of Butane Gas Cylinders

There are different types of butane gas cylinders. One of its differences is the distribution brand that could be Repsol, Cepsa, or Dise; the other difference is its weight which could be 12,5kg, 12kg, 11kg, or 6kg. Though there are butane gas cylinders with different weights, the most used and distributed are those which weigh 12,5kg and 12kg. Some gas cylinders are under government regulation, it means they have a fixed price. But others can have different prices that will vary depending on where you live and how far from the distributors you are. The regulated ones are those of the cylinders that weigh 12,5kg, those with other weights are not regulated and can have prices imposed by its distributors.

Historic Price of the Butane Gas Cylinders in Spain

Historically the prices where raised and lowered, but the trend of the last couple years is rising. In the year 2005, the 12,5kg butane gas cylinder cost was 9.38 euros. In 2015, its cost was 17.50 euros. In 2020, 12.00 euros. In 2021 and 2022 it variated between 13.96 and 19.55 euros. The last government price regulation that was set this year expires the next december, 31. It is expected that in 2023 butane gas cylinders will cost more than 20 euros.

How to calculate the price of the Butane Gas Cylinders

There is a simple way to calculate the price of the butane gas cylinders, a mathematical formula. This formula establish that the final price only can be raised or lowered with a difference of no more than five percent in comparison with the last price. From the year 2021 to this date, the butane gas cylinder price had been only raising. It is expected to raise again in the next regulation because the hydrocarbons, butane and propane have been raising and are still raising. Do you want to know how the formula is? It is the taxes on hydrocarbons multiplied by the percentage of the IVA and then the result of this divided by one hundred.

Butane Gas Cylinders Price Today

You came to this site searching bombona butano precio. So, now is the time to give you what you want. The current price of the butane gas cylinders, today in Spain, is 19,55 euros. But remember this price is for thouse gas cylinders that are under regulation, you can find other prices of gas cylinders. More or less expensive depending on its weight and distribution brand. If you are not finding near you where to buy butane gas cylinders at its regulated price, then you can buy them online.

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