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All architectural firms and design companies use advanced professional software to speed up and automate their workflow. To buy and download GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 26 at ProCADIS, just a few simple steps are enough, and this product costs much less than license developers. The following describes in detail the features of this software, as well as the benefits of buying and installing it on your computer for representatives of the design or architectural industry, as well as for freelancers.

Key features of GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 26 software offered by ProCADIS

·         GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 26 software is licensed software developed by the parent company to allow customers to use the technical support service.

·         The license is valid indefinitely, that is, this intellectual product is acquired in ownership, and not leased, as for most similar products for architects, engineers, and second-hand designers.

·         The software is compatible with both Intel processors and Mac-type computer systems.

·         The base language of the software interface is English, but the user can also download a library of other languages.

·         The article is AC-26CNSCMK, ProCADIS has more than 50 trade units of this intellectual product in stock.

·         ProCADIS offers merchandise from trusted vendors for just $579.95, which is way cheaper than most of the competition.

What is GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 26 for computer-aided architectural design?

·         GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 26 is the flagship of the GraphiSoft developer company and is in great demand among both beginners and top-level professionals, both managers or specialists of design companies, and freelancers.

·         The program is designed to build flat models, plans, sections, general or local sections, facades, and floor plans of a building, as well as to convert all images into three-dimensional realistic 3D models with the ability to rotate around any axis, fix perceptual or isometric views to ensure the clarity of the drawing.

·         The program is ideal for developing pre-project documentation and designing a concept before presenting it to an investor or developer.

·         The software has numerous automated tools that are needed for drawing, underlay, background, main images, detailing, rendering, animation, and other visual effects, as well as simulations.

·         It was this software from the world-famous developer, Graphisoft ArchiCAD 26, that was used by famous architects to create the most famous building projects in history.

·         GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 26 was specially created and is ideal for flat design, creating spectacular 3D models of any capital building or structure, animating visual images, as well as computer-aided design with teamwork, synchronization of changes using innovative CAD technology.

·         This software, GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 26, has the most user-friendly interface, which is simple so that even those users who have not dealt with machine design before can quickly understand the control functions and get forever professional graphic computer designers.

·         This application for computer-aided design GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 26 allows you to create a new project from scratch, adjust and edit previously burned-out graphic models during project processing, model spatial patterns, draw up facade detailing, architectural techniques, and also convert the resulting images into documents for printing, compiling an album, transferring it to the customer, investor or the state examination bodies for obtaining an opinion.

·         The GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 26 application allows you to develop a project from scratch to the final stage when the documentation is transferred to the construction site for its implementation.

What new options does AutoDesk offer in its flagship ArchiCAD 26 product?

·         First of all, Graphisoft Archicad 26 is the latest software and latest innovation from Graphisoft. In this regard, the product has modern updates, an improved interface, as well as new useful options that significantly improve life and simplify the work of both architects and designers.

·         Completely transformed for a better interface for users of all levels, from beginners in the field of computer-aided design to real professionals.

·         This new intelligent product is now compatible with most other graphics programs, which allows you to import and open files created in Graphisoft Archicad 26 without distortion or loss of functionality.

·         This software is one of the few that supports the option of large-format 3D printing, which allows you to achieve the most realistic effect when visualizing the appearance of a building when creating conceptual solutions for presentation.

·         This product is primarily intended for teamwork but is compatible with numerous graphic editors, and CAD-based programs, in particular, with AutoDesk AutoCAD Revit, which is installed in almost every modern design office today. This means that architectural modeling can be easily converted into flat engineering drawings that are written into the CAD environment, and designers, engineers of related sections, and other specialties start working with it without re-creating the base, and changes are synchronized automatically. This allows not only to automate and significantly reduces the time of work on the project, but also eliminates errors and, as a result, releases a high-quality product.

·         This product is also compatible with BIM computer-aided design systems, which significantly expands the scope of its application. BIM is a unique modern technology that stands for Building Information Modeling and provides the highest level of automation of the design process for an object of any complexity.

·         The program is one of the most flexible, and understandable for the designer, and also provides teamwork on a complex project with the participation of both full-time specialists working on the internal server, and with third-party consultants or subcontractors developing special sections.

·         It should be noted that, according to market analysis by experts, Graphisoft Archicad 26 is a unique program that significantly reduces the cost of design, as the architect works faster, does not make mistakes, and does not spend time correcting them. This elevates the company to a higher level than many competitors in the field in question.

·         Graphisoft Archicad 26 is equipped with numerous libraries for forming elements of walls, ceilings, trim, windows, facades, and other decor. This software provides animation at such a high level that the developers of the conceptual part of the project no longer need additional programs to create high-quality interactive presentations.

According to the market analysis, ProCADIS experts and analysts claim that Graphisoft Archicad 26 is an indispensable architectural and design software for business, and the price of the perpetual license indicated above, taking into account the average market prices, and the profitability of design organizations, pays off within just one project for the customer. The software offered by ProCADIS is fully licensed, and the customer is also offered extensive convenient online technical support from the developer or supplier of the intellectual product, and the user can always contact the seller to find a company and conclude an agreement with a third-party organization providing service maintenance of the software product.

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