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Buying Eyelash Boxes – What Do You Need To Consider?

Eyelashes have become an important part of every makeup look. It doesn’t matter if you want a natural makeup look or a heavy and glamorous makeup look, the eyelashes have become the important part. For this reason, different brands have come out with their eyelashes and it even includes high-end brands like Huda Beauty. 

That being said, it doesn’t matter if you are a big brand or just starting out, it is important to choose the right eyelash custom boxes. This is because false eyelashes need attractive packaging designs but choosing the right one can be exhausting. To help you out, we have curated this article to help you consider important factors before you buy the eyelash boxes!

Storage Of Eyelash Boxes

Before you place the order for eyelash boxes, you have to consider how you will be storing the eyelash boxes. This is because if you don’t store the eyelash boxes properly, it will result in a loss of investment, and no business wants that. The cardboard, cardstock, and kraft materials are eco-friendly, so there is natural deterioration, hence the ideal option. 

On the other hand, the waning rate of these materials can be easily controlled. This is because you can ensure the beautification and appearance of the eyelash boxes intact by taking simple measures. These steps will help protect the eyelash boxes for a longer time period. For instance, you need to keep the eyelash boxes in dry and cool spaces. 

We are saying this because water and moisture can adversely impact the integrity and structure of the boxes. So, you need to ensure that eyelash boxes must never be left in the open area. This is because if the boxes aren’t properly stored in the cartons, you must wrap up the boxes. This is because it helps protect the boxes from dust, moisture, and different external elements. 

In addition, direct sunlight must be taken into account because intense lights can result in discoloration. That being said, you must protect the boxes from direct sunlight and spotlights. Otherwise, the dark color of the packaging will fade away and the color will be blue. 

Correct Eyelash Box Packaging 

To be honest, this is considered to be the hard-hitting factor because choosing the correct eyelash box packaging depends on a variety of factors. To begin with, the majority of false eyelash brands prefer kraft boxes and cardstock boxes for packing the eyelash extensions because they look amazing and are the slickest ones out there. 

Unlike the rigid boxes, these boxes are extremely convenient to store, efficient in terms of space, and is cheaper for shipping and the manufacturing is cost-effective as well. You have to keep in mind that if the eyelash box is not space-efficient, it will impact the brand in two ways. This is because the easy-to-store boxes allow the users to ship more products because it maximizes (or improves) the sales. 

The availability of space-efficient eyelash boxes has a lower cost because you can easily place the packaging in bulk. In addition, the need for material is pretty limited. Obviously, you cannot say that the eyelash boxes are all equal but not all of them can protect the eyelash boxes efficiently. Sure, some eyelash packaging options are sturdy while some are compact and simple. 

That being said, you can invest in cardboard boxes or folding kraft as they are extensively used by beauty and makeup brands for packaging the products. To be sure, you must choose eyelash boxes with high-end structural integrity. 

Do Consider The Transportation Of False Eyelashes 

Believe it or not, how the eyelash products will be transported has become an important consideration (or may we say dilemma). That being said, you have to consider that if the eyelash boxes are attractive, they must be comfortable for shipping. Sure, you want to wrap the false eyelashes in the first packaging material to other containers to ensure the false eyelash products are transported in intact form. 

If you want to add the secondary packaging, you must choose sturdy packaging. For instance, if the mailer boxes are being used frequently by the eCommerce businesses as they are easy to ship or you can simply wrap them up with a paper layer. It will ensure that primary packaging is safe from external surroundings and scratches. 

In case you have chosen the primary eyelash box but it’s not robust or cannot beat the pressure, you have to opt for a different container. This is because secondary packaging has become a convenient way of ensuring product and packaging protection. So, if you are considering secondary packaging, you must have proper printing and writing space on it because it’s a great way of marketing the products. To summarize, if you want to buy the false eyelash boxes, WeCustomBoxes is the right platform!

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