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Buying guide to choosing the right drawer slides

In a home, having the right drawer slides is essential as they are some of the most vital pieces of hardware in your home and provide utility in any space. However, when the slides are damaged, the pull-outs and drawers do not work well and can eventually frustrate you. Replacing drawer slides can be simple or cheap, or it can involve more cost and time. It all depends on the type of Maxave full extension drawer slides that suits yours need.

The type of drawer you have selected will determine whether you will have to endure years of frustrations or if you will be able to perform drawer tasks seamlessly. Most drawer slides come in two configurations, under mount and side mount. Assessing the required load capacity would also be one of the key factors in choosing the most suitable drawer slide.

Other key factors to consider also include the type of locking system, which method of disconnecting the drawer you prefer, and whether or not you want other special features. With a good, feature-rich pull-out drawer, you can save yourself years of inconvenience.

Extensions and lengths

When looking at how to choose drawer slides, keep in mind that drawer slides come in different lengths, ranging from 6 inches to 60 inches. By length we mean the total length of the slide assembly, when folded in the closed position. You have also an option like leather chair vs fabric.

Slide Loading Capabilities

In this regard, you need to know the weight that your application will carry in use. A medium-weight drawer slide has a loading capacity of up to 100-150 lbs.   Some applications for heavy duty slides include pulling RV or emergency vehicle trays,

Look for the extra features of pull-out drawers

Additionally, slides are available with features to make it easier to close and open a drawer Visit website for more information. These may include:

Automatic closing

Touch trigger

Easy closure

A simple to close slide also involves the closing device, which is equipped with damping cooperating springs and a damping cylinder to engage with the drawer elements and assist the last few inches in the closing action drawer slide. With easy or soft close drawer slides, you can rest assured that the sliding drawer will close easily and smoothly.

With a touch-trigger slide, you get a simple drawer opening mechanism, with no need to pull the drawer out. The touch release activation slider is possible by pressing against the drawer front, which releases the drawer spring device out of the cabinet in approx. 2 inches

Slide measurements

The most vital quality to look for when in doubt on “ how to choose drawer slides  should be its shape and size. Drawer slides are measured by calculating their length, height and depth.

The most important measurement to look for is the depth of the drawer slide. Drawer slides that are too thick or thin prevent the slide from working properly. It’s best to look for a relatively thin drawer slide, as you can insert a wedge or thin material between the cabinet walls and the slides to improvise the space left out.

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