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Calculating the Worth of a Slip and Fall Claim in Rock Hill

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If you have been hurt when on another person’s property, you may want to make a claim to cater to the expenses and damages you incur. However, you may not know how much the claim is worth. If your question is how much a slip and fall claim is worth, you are in the right place. We will explore all the options and factors that impact the worth of your claim.

Slip and fall cases are normally complicated, and not every time does the victim receives compensation. Therefore, working with the best Rock Hill personal injury attorneys is always advisable to navigate the case and calculate the claim’s worth based on various factors. To know the worth of the claim, you will need to check factors like:

  • The type and extent of the injuries you have incurred after the fall
  • Medical treatment received for the injuries
  • Damages like lost wages, pain, and suffering, and medical bills
  • Whether you are to blame for the fall

Types of Injuries You May Incur and How They Impact Your Claim

As mentioned, several factors, like injuries, damages, and medical treatment, may affect the value of your claim. The injuries you incur affect your medical bills, and the damages calculated are based on the injuries, medical bills, and other aspects. Therefore, the injuries are significant in calculating the worth of your claim. Slip and fall injuries are divided into two categories-soft injuries and hard injuries.

Soft Injuries

Soft injuries are those injuries that are mostly invisible. They are not easily seen, so convincing the insurance company about them may be difficult. Such include tendon strains and muscle sprains. Because soft injuries cannot be seen, they are difficult to describe.

Hard Injuries

Hard injuries are visible injuries like cuts and bruises that are easy to prove because they can be seen. These injuries are painful and can be disabling. They require medical care, and some can take time to heal. Such injuries include:

  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Open wounds
  • Dislocations
  • Ligament tears

Hard injuries are more valued than soft injuries because of their ease of proving. It is also because they are likely to incur higher medical expenses and extensive treatment. Furthermore, it is easy to understand how they are related to the accident.

What Happens If You Are Partly At Fault

When calculating the value of your claim, it is crucial to understand and be real about your share of fault. However, don’t admit to the insurance company that you are at fault. Let the insurance company raise the defense instead. Your state may have laws where the fault could destroy your entire claim. In that case, consider hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you settle the negotiations.

If you are found at fault, your claim amount may reduce based on the extent of the fault. Therefore, you will receive less than you would if you were not at fault. In some cases, you may lose the claim entirely.


There is no cap on how much you can receive as compensation for a slip and fall accident. You will need to consider the situations surrounding the accident to value your claim. Do this with the help of a personal injury lawyer to get fair compensation.

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