Can Diet And Exercise Control Pains As You Age?

Do you feel you are walking on the path of ageing? Do those pains and muscle pulls make you feel old? Well, believe it or not, you can actually feel much younger and fitter than you were when you were in your 40s.

Remember, there is no age to begin exercising or eating healthy. If you are experiencing excessive pain, especially after an injury or fall and spending sleepless nights, you may talk to your doctor for stellate ganglion block for PTSD which is an effective way to ease age related pains. 

Here are some ways you can alleviate your pains by simply modifying your diet and taking up the right kind of exercises.

Take up an Anti-inflammatory Diet-Inflammation in the body is a natural phenomenon when your body tries to fight the toxins that are on attack. Anti-inflammatory drugs can surely reduce the pain caused by inflammation but too much reliance on drugs and medicines causes long-term harmful effect on the body. Instead try to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet that would comprise natural food stuff that you consume every day. This is what an anti-inflammatory diet encompasses-

  • Go Green– Include loads of greens in your daily diet- from Broccolis and cabbages to sprouts, cauliflowers, beans and spinach, whatever you can think of will work wonders in reducing your pain symptoms.
  • Limit Grain And Dairy Intake- While dairy products are considered crucial durig your childhood and in your youth, they should be taken in limited quantities as you age. Grains too require to be taken in whole and fibrous forms, rather than in their refined forms which contain sugar. Instead go for oats, barley, rye, brown rice etc.
  • Ditch The Red Meat- Red meat is a strict no-no for older adults and should only be consumed on very special occasions or not consumed at all. Include more of fish, eating at sushi restaurants in Cincinnati and other vegetarian protein supplements like soya bean chunks in your diet. Chicken, while lean meat and safe to consume does not really have anti-inflammatory properties.

Exercise Daily- The key to a healthy, pain-free life, post 50s is daily exercise.  However, there are different exercises that you should take up depending on whether you have pains like osteoarthritis or simple age-old pains. Osteoarthritis strikes when the cartilage that provides protection wears away and causes your joints to ache. 

If you already have symptoms of Osteoarthritis, keep yourself physically active as much as possible because the more you move your joints the better will be the blood circulation and flow and ease the joint pain, while strengthening the muscles. However, if you have severe pain because of arthritis you should consult a doctor before engaging in any kind of exercise. 

For pains like lower body aches, cardio exercises and strength training help in proffering support to the spine by increasing the flow of blood. If you are not in the habit of daily exercises, consider adopting the following regime:-

  • Start slow and take about 20 to 30 minutes of light exercises that combine both aerobic and non-aerobic exercises. Break up your regime if you feel it is being too much. Take up lighter exercises to start with- walking for 15 minutes and free hand exercises for 15 minutes.
  • Go exercising with a partner. It can be your spouse, a friend who is willing or even your pooch.
  • Engage in other activities as well such as yoga, dancing, using the best cycling videos online tai chi or anything that keeps you moving.

Diet and exercise are the most important and crucial things that have the power to control your pains, even as the numbers in the years of your age go up. So while you may be in your 60s, you may still feel as healthy and fit, sans the age related pains, if you watch out your diet and indulge in a regular exercise routine.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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