Can I Sue Unqualified Truck Drivers if They Crash into Me?

Truck drivers are essential workers in America as they carry goods to all parts of the country. They are not, however, perfect drivers. Many accidents involving trucks happen every year, and it is an experience that is not easily forgotten. Victims of these accidents need to know the legal process so that they can fight for an award that they deserve.

What are the legal options?

There are three options that Wyatt Law Firm provides in cases such as these. It is possible to sue the truck driver in a lawsuit, settle with the truck driver’s insurance, or make several suits if someone was injured or killed in the crash.

Who is responsible for the negligence?

Sometimes it is obvious who is responsible for the collision. Other times, it may appear as though a car may have been responsible. But, sometimes the truck driver’s employer can be liable, too. Employers can be held responsible for the actions of their employees if the employee was acting normally within their job. Sometimes truck accident cases can have more than one responsible party, such as the driver himself and also his employer.

To not be held responsible, trucking companies need to conduct background checks for potential employees. They should enforce random drug and alcohol testing on all drivers because this is required by the government. They also need to make sure that their trucks are safe to drive at all times. Employers also should immediately suspend or fire any drivers who are suspected of breaking any of the federal regulations.

How can an attorney help?

An attorney can help a victim handle all of the legal parts of a lawsuit, and ensure they are granted the largest compensation available to them. A lawyer will collect evidence and testimony to help prove that the truck driver was responsible. They will also talk with experts and doctors to learn more about the victim’s injuries. An attorney will represent the victim in negotiations or at a trial. 

What kind of compensation is available following a collision?

Every case is different, but usually, a victim can ask for payback of past and future medical bills, lost wages, and future money that is no long able to be earnedl. They also may need to file a case for damages of property, pain, and suffering. In some severe cases, suing for disability is necessary, or scarring disfigurement. In the worst-case scenario, there may need to be a lawsuit to help pay for the funeral or burial costs. 

Why are semi-trucks such a threat?

Semi-trucks are so much bigger than any other car, SUV, or even a pickup truck. They pose such a threat when not driven safely. The risks of a semi-truck accident also increase when there are a high number of trucks on the road, and during dangerous road conditions such as inclement weather. If truckers do not drive safely, but speed or change lanes too fast or frequently, they can also cause more accidents. 

Victims of collisions with semi-trucks are often left severely injured, with cars that are determined to be a total loss. Because there are legal options available, victims should take every opportunity to speak to someone about liability and compensation as soon as possible. 

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