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Canvas Prints Vs. Acrylic Prints

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional enthusiast looking for quality prints to showcase your photo portfolio, it is crucial to decide on ideal photo prints.

Photography is art. Your old-school photos transitioned into exciting prints via canvas and acrylic print. They light up your room and double up as exquisite décor items. Images printed on acrylic look better or canvas one- is what we are here to find. 

We invest a lot of time in taking memorable pictures. So why spend some time finding the correct medium for shiny images. Acrylic and Canvas picture printing are great mediums to display your photography skills.

The image type decides which method you should opt for. 

It is why we are charting this blow-by-blow to know which is better- acrylic or canvas prints. Without further ado, let’s begin:

What are Canvas Prints?

Canvas prints are the method to print images on the fade, and scratch-resistant canvas stretched to frame. Later, a common practice was conducted by wrapping the image over the frame. It provides a professional finish to the canvas print. Alternatively, a color border is affixed. It is a typical method of canvas printing.

The quality of the wood frame ensures the durability of the canvas. It assures it does not warp over time or get affected by heat or moisture.

What are Acrylic Prints?

An Acrylic print imprints the image on photographic paper. The image is sandwiched between plexiglass. Acrylic prints are glossy and sturdy. However, when compared to acrylic and canvas prints, canvas prints have a creative appeal.

How are Canvas Prints Made?

Canvas created with a strong fabric, mainly polyester, cotton, or hemp. Every canvas fabric has some pros and cons. Cotton canvases are the most artistic pieces created by ink seeped through fibers. 

Canvas created with hemp or polyester lasts for long periods and are vibrant as ink pops up. 

Cotton prints are high-quality prints, while polyester and hemp canvas prints are budget-friendly and durable.

In Canvas Printing Factories, large varieties are offered to the customer. The consumer has the freedom to choose small, medium, or large canvas for printing. To protect this art, one can go with a UV coating. It is applied after the canvas printing is finished. It is strong and provides 70+ years of protection to the canvas print. 

How are Acrylic Prints Made?

Acrylic Prints uses two methods for printing:

  • Face Mount
  • Direct Printing

The first method is known as Face Mount. By printing the image on a photographic sheet, and then placing it between two acrylic sheets, it can be reproduced. The back is black, and the front is transparent, depending on the image type. Before sealing image is sprayed with air so that there are no dust particles and the acrylic photo is clear.

The second method is direct printing. A photograph is directly printed on an acrylic surface and sealed with a solid back coating. It requires an expensive printer.

Both the methods contain depths of images. However, Both process looks easy but to get a quality picture you require a quality printer and materials.

How are canvas prints different from acrylic prints? 

Now we know the competitors, so let us find out which is better and why? We have mentioned all the factors and difference that concludes the winner.

Presentation and Appearance:

Acrylic prints are costly premium, but once you get it printed, and wall-mounted you will notice the brightness and luxe. These images are high in grade and sharpness that makes them stand out. Also, they are durable, so outlast for long periods than any other prints.

Acrylic prints can be opted by working professionals for their workspaces, MNCs, Hospitals, Industries, or even individuals who prefer a modern living home.

On the contrary, Canvas prints have a textured finish. If you are an old-school person who believes in traditional approaches, canvas prints are perfect for you. Canvas prints are favorite during wedding functions, family prints, and galas.

Canvas prints are made of cotton and polyester. The main difference between them is color preciseness. In cotton, material colors seep inside a cloth that gives an artsy feel. Polyester holds the color to the strands making them pop. Also, polyester or hemp does not wear tear.

Color Sharpness:

Acrylic prints are advantageous compared to Canvas prints as they are vibrant and color pop. Acrylic photos are mounted in the right amount of light. It enhances the image detailing. 

Strength and Life Span:

The UV lamination protects the canvas from heat, moisture, and scratches. The laminate protects the image from water, and you can clean the canvas with a damp cloth. 

Acrylic prints provide longevity to the image. It has strength that does not have room for any such issues. It is light enough to move across rooms. Hence, no bumps or scratches. They are also moisture resistant like canvas prints, so you can easily clean the image with the damp cloth.

Transportability and Price:

Acrylic prints are difficult to transport than canvas prints. Canvas prints emerge as better options when it is about transportation. However, Acrylic prints are not that heavy and transferable depending on the size of the image.

Canvas prints are affordable only when you pick polyester or hemp material prints. Acrylic prints are a bit expensive, but they are worth it.

Wrapping Up:

So, here you know the differentiation of Acrylic vs. Canvas prints. Acrylic prints are a neo-modern printing method that is durable, long-lasting, bright, and vivid. Whereas, Canvas prints are affordable, reliable, and artistic.

Are you traditional or modern? 

Do you decide what you want? 

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