Car Meet Etiquette – Tips for Attending Your First Gathering with Your BMW

Have you found an organised car meet for BMWs and other sports cars in your area? This can be a fun gathering and a good way to see other vehicles and the modifications owners have made. Plus, you can meet like-minded people, make new friends and exchange advice and tips. Plus, you get to show off your BMW and feel proud of the upgrades you have made.

But, if you have never gone to a car meet before, you might be nervous. This is particularly true if you are going on your own. Know that there is some etiquette you want to follow. This way, your first gathering can be fun and a success. So, here are some tips for attending your first car meet.

Spend Time Detailing

Of course, it is not an outright rule that you have to clean your BMW before going to a car meet. But, you want to show it off in its best condition, which means making sure it is sparkling clean. So, one of the first things you should do before going to your first gathering is to spend time detailing your vehicle. This means cleaning away all the dirt and using a variety of products to ensure that your BMW is shiny and sparkling clean.

When you have a clean vehicle, you are more likely to enjoy showing it off at the car meet. You can feel confident in your ride, and it can be easier to strike up a conversation with others. After all, the other people attending are likely to put a lot of effort into their cars too. So, you do not want to be the one that stands out with a dirty one.

Choose Some Mods

Often, the point of car meets is to show off what makes your vehicle so special. Indeed if you like to tinker and modify your BMW, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss this with other like-minded people. So, if you have some modifications in mind, now is the time to make them. Then, you can take your car to a meet and allow everyone to see them. Indeed, your vehicle will stand out from the crowd.

There are so many cool mods you can choose for your car. For example, you can get a body kit or use exhaust tips on your BMW. These are going to change its exterior appearance, whether you want to look bigger and more aggressive or sleeker and sportier. That is the great thing about aftermarket parts. You can make your car stand out and embody your own personality.

Arrive Early

If you are attending a big car meet, you want to make sure you are early. This is going to allow you to pick your spot and make sure you park where you want to. Plus, if you show up late, there might not be space for you. So, ensure you have your day planned and are ready to go. Plus, when you are early, you have the opportunity for some last detailing bits and to pop the hood if you want people to see inside.

What’s more, when you are early, you have the opportunity to see other cars arriving. You can get a sneak peek of what is going to be at the car meet and have time to go around and see them. You might find that when things get busy, you want to stay with your BMW and show it off. So, when you are early, this is a good way to make sure you do not miss out on the whole experience.

Excessive Revving

Perhaps you have upgraded the exhaust system on your BMW, and you now have a loud and aggressive vehicle. Indeed, you might love the roar that it has and want to show this off at car meets. But, you have to appreciate everybody else that there is to show off their vehicle. Excessive revving is something you want to avoid at car meets. It can be irritating and ruin the experience for everyone else. It is definitely something you want to avoid.

We know that you might want to show off your exhaust system. But, this is something you can discuss with people instead. Revving will get on other people’s nerves, and you have to respect everyone. The same goes for playing loud music from your vehicle. Most people do not want to feel like they are in a nightclub. 

Compliment Other Rides

Yes, you are going to spend a lot of time with your own vehicle at a car meet. But, remember that this is also an opportunity to see everyone else and what they have done to their BMW. You can get ideas of modifications you want to make in the future, or you can even just reaffirm that you like what you have done with your BMW.

But, there is one piece of advice. Make sure that you complement other rides when you are at a gathering. Yes, it is easy to get critical and even judge others on their car and what they have chosen to do with it. However, remember that everyone is there to have fun. Compliment and speak to other people. You would want other people to do the same to you. This is not a competition; it is to have fun and make friends.

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