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Card-making tools – paint pens

The mapping kit includes a variety of pens, pencils, and paints. This article or section needs sources or references that appear incredible, third-party publications.

Feel the pan.

Wide pens can be found in a variety of colors and thicknesses, from wide tips to thin tips and everything in between. You can use rubber stamps to paint in complex colors as well as to create designs on the card, for example, to create borders on your card or cards, to highlight things in your design or To write Card messages. They also need a useful seal.

Prison soles

These are my favorite types of pens, and I use them to highlight different elements of a sealed image, to write messages and to have the “Handmade Karen” logo on the back of my cards. They must be, and I want to get these kinds of cards online.

The gel pen comes in metallic colors, bright colors, pastel colors (looks best on black paper) and plain colors. They look like ink and you can use a light-colored pencil on black paper, which not only shows, it is better than light paper.


Two-point marker pens are a great asset because they have both wide tips and thin tips, and when you use both ends of the same pen in different parts of the design, your colors match your card! These are very useful when you want to color the parts of a sealed image.

Silver, gold and bronze pens

If you want to create a metallic paint effect, these are the pens that will create for you. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. To do this you have to click and a few metal paints will come out, you will pull it out. If you want to paint a large area, I press and draw a simple amount of “ink” and then spread the tip of the pen at an almost horizontal angle, which means you did not work. ۔ With pen


Great for background shapes and skies to see on your cards. You can create a very washed pattern by adding extra water, or you can keep the colors bright with less water. They are really versatile and very useful for making your card.

Complete the sentence: “Pen and …” If you look like most people, words like “paper” and “ink” come to mind immediately. However, for some talented people, these public associations go unnoticed. On the contrary, these artists consider advertising pens to be a source of interest and beauty. There are only a few ways in which printed pens can become works of art.

A few years ago, Costa Schuler was inspired by “art machines.” He soon covered the Mercedes-Benz pen in 1981 and began owning it. Schuler’s Mercedes currently covers more than 10,000 handles inside and outside the world. Whether it’s a medal in a circle or a ballpoint pen in the light of advertising around the wheels, this Mercedes – “pen” smiles wherever it goes.

If this is too much for you, try an eye-catching drawing with an advertising pen. Buy a simple, white kindergarten from a local art store and customize your favorite print pens and tie them to the kinder with high-quality glue. The acrylic paint on glass permanently the actual conversation pen or paint the rainbow. Alternatively, why not decorate a photo frame with an advertising pen for a really personalized gift?

For the best choice in the winter months, turn your printed pen into a bright bouquet of flowers. Clean the pan with different green colors, stick artificial flowers with adhesive and floral decorative ribbons. This dish, placed in a glass jar, adds sunshine to your day.

Target your interior sculptor and turn your advertising pen into a virtual zoo. With a little bit of polymer clay and lots of fantasy you can create giraffes, dachshunds, swallows or dream creatures. It also makes a great project for rainy evenings with children.

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