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Com Carinho Kitty appeared on Netflix on May 18, 2023, in Brazil as well as Portugal. The first series consisted of ten episodes that were broadcast simultaneously. Each episode lasted half an hour. Jean played an interesting role in Para Todos os Garotos que Ja Amei. Com Carinho Kitty was a spin-off from the series.

What happened in Com Carinho Kitty? Where can I watch the episodes of Carinho Kitty Online?

Watch Com Carinho Kitty Online:

Com Carinho Kitty is now available worldwide on NetFlix and online on Sunday 18th/May/2023. The series was released simultaneously in Korean, English and French. Netflix subscribers can only watch the series on-demand.

About Com Carinho Kitty

The series, Para Todos os Garotos que Ja Amei focuses on Jean’s life in high school, and how her secret love letters were somehow mailed to five crushes. This series is also known as To All the Boys that I have loved before. The series was broadcast in 2018.

The Assistir Com Carinho Kitty continued Jean’s journey and focused on Kitty’s sister’s contribution to Kitty’s love life. The series featured Jean and Kitty moving from Seoul to South Korea to pursue higher education. Dae, Kitty’s high school crush, appeared in the series, studying at the college where Kitty was admitted after her mother graduated.

Kitty was shocked to learn that Dae had a girlfriend. Kitty was upset and she had to choose whether to tell Dae that she loved him or to return to her family. The Carinho Kitty Online episodes can be categorized as comedy or romance, as Jean and Kitty play fun roles as they fight for Kitty’s love. Jean helped her sister Ketty to improve her love life.

Kitty shares her feelings with Min Ho in episode six. In episode 8, students enjoy their school trip. Dae gains Kitty’s confidence and becomes closer to her. Min Ho decides on a romantic relationship. Florian confines Q. Yuri shares his feelings about Juliana.

In episode 9, Kitty enlists the help of friends to make her final approach to Dae. As the Carinho Kitty Onlineepisode reveals surprising facts, betrayals and fights, tension increases. The 10th episode of the series concludes with friends discussing their final grades in school, complex truths and Kitty’s feelings as she discovers love with an old crush that is more complicated than imagined. Kitty decides to live her love life according to her own terms.

The plot:

Jenny Han is the creator and author of Com Carinho Kitty. The series is expected to appeal to viewers interested in a spin-off series of the Para Todos os Garotos que Ja Amei and to new audiences who enjoy watching love life, romances, college life, comedies, young people’s life during their college days.

The Cast Of Com Carinho Kitty

  • Awesomeness Entertainment and ACE Entertainment are two production companies.
  • Original network: Netflix
  • Executive producers: Jenny Han, Sascha Rothchild, Matt Kaplan
  • Anna Cathcart was Katherine “Kitty” Song Covey
  • Choi Min-yeong, Dae
  • Anthony Keyvan, Q
  • Gia Kim is Yuri
  • Min Ho is Lee Sang Heon
  • Peter Thurnwald was Alex
  • Regan Aliyah is Juliana
  • John Corbett and Daniel Covey
  • Yunjin Kim, Jina
  • Theo Augier, Florian

Reviews and ratings by Carinho Kitty Online

Com Carinho Kitty received 8.8/10 from 4 reviews on TMBD. It also earned a 6.6/10 average from 303 reviews at IMDb. AdoroCinema gave it a rating of 3/5, while Google gave it 2.5/5. Google users rated the series at 94%.


Com Carinho Kitty received an average rating. The users commented that they watched it on Sundays when they had less work to do and could watch any episode, even if they were not very interesting. According to the feedback from viewers, the series moved too quickly, the cast seemed uncomfortable with their roles, the actors made mistakes, and there were poor dialogues.

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