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Carpet Color trends you should not miss

Whenever you go to buy carpets online, you’ll find a myriad of marketplaces offering a plethora of designs. Having to choose from so many options takes you away from the right decision and as a result, due to the lack of accurate knowledge, we sometimes end up with the wrong buying decision. 

If we look at the carpet color trends of 2023, you’ll see various designs depicting timeless elegance and bringing a coz underfoot experience to your home. In the world of interior design, carpets are experiencing a resurgence, and they’re making a stylish statement. Beyond providing tactile softness, carpets offer an opportunity to showcase your personal style through color, patterns, and materials.

From classic stripes to playful motifs, earthy neutrals to vibrant hues, your floor serves as a canvas for creativity and innovative design. The latest carpet trends mentioned below cater to diverse tastes, offering fresh options for homes spanning the spectrum from traditional to contemporary.

Let’s proceed… 

1. Tactile, Textured Carpets

Carpet designs have always been rich in texture, but today, there’s a new dimension to explore. Opting for hand-knotted carpets with fibers of varying heights, sizes, and thicknesses can create a unique, three-dimensional effect that amplifies the tactile, plush, and cozy sensation. These textured carpets come in various patterns and weaves, ranging from subtle to intricate.

2. A Focus on Sustainable and Enduring Materials

As sustainability gains prominence in home decor, carpet trends align with the shift towards eco-friendly choices. Carpets crafted from natural, renewable materials like wool, sisal, and seagrass are gaining popularity. Wool, in particular, stands out as a wonder fiber due to its natural, renewable, and easily cleanable properties. It retains its shape and offers insulation and flame-retardant features.

If you want to buy carpet online which should encompass natural elements than you should consider Sisal. It is another natural fiber option, is highly versatile and hardwearing, available in a variety of weaves and natural shades. Seagrass, though unbleachable and undyeable, offers unique beauty as a hand-woven, craft product.

3. Carpet Runners

For those with beautiful wooden flooring they wish to showcase while adding warmth and texture, carpet runners are an excellent choice. Whether in hallways or on staircases, runners create an elegant layered effect, blending contrasting materials. They also serve a practical purpose by protecting high-traffic areas.

Selecting a tightly woven wool, such as a boucle or Berber, is ideal for stairs and hallways as it’s easy to clean. Alternatively, opt for a carpet with a fleck pattern to conceal imperfections. Prior to choosing a wool carpet for stairs, ensure its suitability, as not all wool carpets are suitable for this purpose. So whenever you go to buy carpet online, carpet runners could be a worthwhile option.

4. Patterned Carpets Are Making a Comeback

Patterned carpets are experiencing a revival, moving beyond bedroom use and venturing into living rooms and dining areas. They provide a bold way to infuse artistry into a room’s design, making the floor the main canvas. Instead of relying on upholstery and fabrics for pattern, consider a striking patterned carpet.

For many experts who prefer to buy carpet online, patterned carpets are becoming the foundation for design choices, setting the tone for the entire room. They offer longevity in style and can adapt to various room renovations by incorporating different colors and design details into the broader scheme. Embrace patterned carpets to make a statement in your home.

5. Bedroom Decor Featuring Art

As we step into 2023, a wave of color and creativity is poised to sweep through the world of interior design. While an array of captivating patterns emerges, there’s no need to limit their application to larger spaces. There are various marketplaces like Carpet Planet from which you can buy carpet online that aligns accurately with your bedroom decor. 

Moreover, experts opine that carpets have evolved into a remarkable means of infusing color and patterns into your living space. The floor is no longer an overlooked component; instead, it becomes the foundation for crafting an entire room’s aesthetic.

Small rooms can truly benefit from the addition of vibrant, patterned carpets. Unlike a busy wall pattern that might overwhelm, integrating color and design through a hand-knotted carpet or rug can introduce visual intrigue without dominating the room.

6. Carpet Tiles

Historically associated with pubs and hotels for their stain-absorbing qualities, patterned carpets have evolved far beyond their utilitarian origins. Contemporary designs are redefining wall-to-wall patterned carpets, exemplified by the stunning carpet tiles offered by Bolon at Flooring Concepts.

Designers now masterfully craft carpet tiles and shapes that resemble pieces of abstract art for your floors. If you seek to make the floor the central canvas of your room, these tiles make an unequivocal statement. When pursuing this route, it’s advisable to tone down other decorative elements. Interlocking patterns, Bridget Riley-inspired stripes, or edgy abstract graphics possess the power to captivate a room all on their own.

Final words

Carpet color trends of 2023 are comprised of a diverse range of options, from textured designs and sustainable materials to the revival of patterned carpets. Whether you’re seeking classic elegance or bold expression, there’s a carpet trend to match your style. So, if you’re contemplating purchasing hand-knotted carpets online, explore these exciting trends to enhance your living space.

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