CarX Drift Racing Mod APK

CarX Drift Racing is one of the most downloaded racing and drifting game ever created. The game has more than 30M+ downloads worldwide, and you know what the exciting part is? There is CarX Drift Racing Mod APK version is also available, which also has been downloaded millions of times worldwide. 

Let’s have a look at the features of the original version as well as the mod APK version of the CarX Drift Racing.

CarX Drift Racing Mod APK Features

  1. Unlimited Coins
  2. All Cars Unlocked
  3. Unique and Unlocked All Tracks
  4. Crazy Customization
  5. Live Cameras and Replays(can be uploaded on youtube)

Unlimited Coins

Unlimited coins are the first and most in-demand feature of the CarX Drift Mod APK 2023. This feature allows you to buy, unlock, and customize anything in the game anytime you want. You can get everything to the max level from the beginning of the game.

Apart from that, unlimited coins also help you to flex on your friends while playing in multiplayer/online mode. You can also have the edge over other players competing worldwide for the championship.

All Cars Unlocked

Getting all cars unlocked is another excellent feature of the CarX Drift Racing game. There are many different cars in the game(around 40+), and if you unlock each of them, then tbh, it will take a long way to unlock every one of them.

That’s why this is one of the most loved features of the mod apk version of the game. Talking about cars, there is another excellent game FR Legends Mod APK which is similar to CarX Drift Racing and has many vehicles in it. Those are supra, Toyota, and many more. Check that out as well to have even more fun.

Unique and Unlocked All Tracks

Drifting and racing on the same tracks is kind of boring. The game must have multiple unique tracks to drift. This is precisely what CarX Drift Racing has in it. The game has more than 40+ new and unique tracks. All the tracks are unique and have some sort of challenges in them. 

You will indeed play this CarX Drift Racing with unique, new, and unseen tracks.

Crazy Customization

In the original version of the game, you can customize many things but with some restrictions. But that’s not the case in the mod apk version of the game. In the carx drift racing apk, you can customize everything from bonut paint to the rims. Colors are also customizable, and you can customize each of 40+ unique cars as you want.

Live Cameras and Replays(can be uploaded on youtube)

This feature itself is unique and rarely found in any genre game. With this feature, you can have replays of your great drift, record your racing and drifting skills live, and, even more than that, you can upload it on youtube as well. 

Uploading replays from the game directly to any social platform like youtube or Reddit was not possible before in any game ever! But with the carx drift racing, you can do this. So, now you don’t have to set the screen recorder anymore before starting the game; you can have any replay of your drift within the game.

Original CarX Drift Racing Features

  1. Unique Gaming Experience
  2. Super User Friendly for Drift Game Lovers
  3. Awesome Animation of The Deep Smoke While Drifting
  4. Multiple Places To Drift On
  5. The customizability of The Colors and Discs
  6. Career Mode
  7. Compete With Your Friends and People Around The World
  8. Addictive Turbo Sound Effects

Unique Gaming Experience

The unique gaming experience of carx drift racing is one of the biggest reasons why people love to play this game again n again. With the placement of buttons, environment, and background sounds, everything is placed so perfectly that it gives the perfect gaming experience to anyone who plays this game.

The smoothness and the gameplay are very interesting as well. Usually, in drifting games, if the car lags even for one second, the whole gaming experience is terrible. But that’s not the case in carx drift racing. It has excellent smooth gameplay, and even while drifting, the lasting smoothness throughout the drift is just a fantastic experience.

Super User Friendly for Drift Game Lovers

If you have played other drift games like me, you must have noticed that sometimes the controls are not as user-friendly as they could be. And that undoubtedly impacts the gamer and gaming experience. 

But in carx drift racing, you can even customize your controls and buttons. Place them where ever you want on the screen based on your easiness. And once the controls are placed where you are most comfortable, you can drift way better than before now!

Awesome Animation of The Deep Smoke While Drifting

The deep smoke animation in the CarX Drift Racing 2023 is just LIT! Such animations make the whole gaming experience unforgettable. Also, you can see the replays of those animations as well. Or record them and upload them on youtube directly. Apart from that deep smoke animation, there are a couple of other superb animations available in the game.

Multiple Places To Drift On

Drifting on the same tracks again and again, is boring. You cant enjoy the game at its best with only one track or place to drift. Thus, the developers of this game have added more than 40+ unique tracks and places in the game.

Each of the 40+ tracks are unique from each other and has different challenges in it. Also, they have been designed to feel like playing something totally different and in new ways. This uniqueness within the game is another reason players play this game addictively.

The customizability of The Colors and Discs

The capability to customize the cars in any drifting or even racing game is a blessing. It allows the players to adjust the colors, specifications, and other features of their cars accordingly. And that surely helps every player to play better and drift better.

The customization that can be done in this game is immense of the immense level. You can even change the colors, discs, designs, donuts, and many other things. 

Career Mode

The career mode of CarX Drift Racing has many excellent features that will surely blow anyone’s mind. Such as Ghost Mode; in that mode, you can compete yourself. You can select the best racing or drift you have done in the game and compete with that race. This feature is new for me as well because I have never seen such a cool feature in any drifting game.

Besides that, you can earn cups and coins while playing in the career mode, which can unlock 40+ new sports cars and tracks.

Compete With Your Friends and People Around The World

In carx drift racing, you can also play and compete with your friends and people worldwide in a championship. You and your friends can race together and try to break the records of your friends and players worldwide.

Race for the top ranking in the championship, where you will be competing with the top players in the game for the no.1 spot in the championship. Being first at the end of the season gives you many rewards and gifts like new sports cars, new accessories to customize your cars, and coins.

Addictive Turbo Sound Effects

Talking about gameplay, smoothness, and features, and not sound effects? That’s not possible. The CarX Drift Racing has got some amazingly addictive turbo sound effects. Each sports car has unique sounds; they just feel like real cars making those sounds. These sound effects get more hyped and sound incredible with superb deep smoke animation in the game. The combination of all these makes the whole gaming experience extraordinary.


CarX Drift Racing Mod APK and its original version, both have excellent gaming experiences and features. But playing in the APK version allows you to have more fun from the very start. You can get unlimited coins, new cars, tracks, and many other cool features right from the beginning of the game. Start competing with your friends, break the records, and have a drift battle with players worldwide in CarX Drift Racing. Download Today To Have a Great Gaming Experience.

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