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You may have seen a video that went viral of a cat being blended in a blender. It is true. The idea itself may raise eyebrows. The viral video became a hot topic on social media and blogs in Mexico, and Brazil.

The video was criticized for the cruelty of the person and their posting of such videos on social networks. Check out all the facts about on Instagram.


The video was posted online between the 2nd/May/2023 and 3rd/May/2023. From 3rd/May/2023, the video was widely circulated via social media and shock sites. The original video has a duration of 00:01 and 28 minutes. It is 52.14MB for a video with 720 pixels. The video can be downloaded in mp4 and starts at 4.1MB for 220 pixels standard definition.

Blender is used in this video:

The video displayed a commercial food processor, with the name of the brand written in Chinese. The powerful food mixer has a motor with a 4500W and a rotation rate of 28,000 per minute. There were a few mini clips of 2-3 seconds on Twitter. The posts, however, provided short links to unauthentic third-party websites in order to view the video.

The video shows one attachment of a food processor with a capacity of 2 litres. The transparent jar can be used to blend fruits, make healthy shakes and popular vitamin drinks for bodybuilders. It is also used to crush ice.

Video content:

The video was a demonstration of animal cruelty. The person puts a cat into the blending jar. Instagram did not have any posts related to Cat.In.blender. A lid is used to close the jar. The transparent jar allowed us to see the cat’s beautiful yellow eyes. The person begins the first blend after approximately nine seconds. It lasts between 2-3 seconds.

The cat looks at its tail and gets twisted. It is as if the tail was the first part of the body to be injured. After 20 seconds, he gives a second blend lasting 2-3 seconds. The cat’s hind legs are now cut and bleeding. Reddit removed all Cat.In.blender postings except for three videos.

The sense is displayed until 39 seconds. The viewer can see that the hair and skin of the cat have blended. The cat is trying to push itself out of the jar and open the lid.

The man doesn’t feel sorry for the cat. The man can be heard laughing. The man may have become accustomed to animal abuse or suffer from a health issue that makes him feel comfortable and at ease while attacking animals. Tiktok only had a few videos relating to Cat.In.blender.

Between the 40th second and the 77th, he gives over eighteen blends. The cat was alive, but had no more energy. The man turns up the blender’s power and blends it again. The ma

While blending, the hair on the cat was removed, revealing its blood-soaked skin. Youtube has more than 18 videos related to Cat.In.blender.

Identification of the person who appears in the video:

Unknown. A second person took the video with a smartphone camera. It is not known who the second person was. According to several sources, the man was Chinese and was arrested. Several sources also reported that police were looking for the individual.


It is important to verify the reports of police action, as no newspaper in the country has reported this arrest. In a few days, the situation of those involved in the Cat.In.blender.5555 instagram will become clearer once official news or a police statement is released. At the time of writing, there was only one unofficial TikTok video that showed a photo of this person. Social media circulated several mini-clips of three seconds. For more information, click this link.

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