Celebrities Who Wore Beautiful Blue Sapphire Jewelry

The color Blue has always been attractive for one and all. The rich, royal blue of the sky on a summer’s day or the deep blue of the ocean on a winter night is sure to set our minds free – into that calming aviary of altogether refreshing thoughts. It is no wonder that blue sapphire jewelry has long been regarded as lucky charms for centuries. Celebrities love to flaunt their style quotient wearing these attractive jewels. Let’s see some of them!

Blue Sapphire
Celebrities Who Wore Beautiful Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Kate Middleton

Not many people can embrace a traditional and elegant piece of jewelry like Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge wears an 18-carat blue sapphire ring that Princess Diana once owned. 

Prince Charles purchased this royal ring in 1981, and his son, Prince William, proposed to Kate with the same ring. It has a beautiful and sparkling sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds.

Elizabeth Hurley

The famous actress and model Elizabeth Hurley wore a stunning square-cut blue sapphire ring by cricketer Shane Warne. The ring has a beautiful and unconventional design with a 9-carat sapphire flanked by trillion-cut diamonds on both its sides. 

Penelope Cruz

When it comes to stunning engagement rings with a blue sapphire, one worn by Penelope Cruz deserves a special mention due to its unique design. The ring has a magnificent halo setting surrounded by diamonds in a floral pattern that looks like a daisy. Though the ring was modestly priced at $30,000, it was no less beautiful and charming. It features a 3-carat, oval-cut stone. 

Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice or Victoria Beckham owns not one but 14 engagement rings gifted by her husband, David Beckham. One of these is a classy and modern Blue Sapphire Gemstone ring featuring an oversized oval-cut stone. The ring has a micro pave platinum band that lets the sapphire takes center stage in its design. 

Helen Mirren

The veteran actress is known to make a lot of waves with her jewelry choice. Her love for blue sapphire is evident in her public appearances rocking this stone. She wore a beautiful sapphire necklace with a pear-shaped stone at the Golden Globes. 

She dazzled at the 2018 Oscar Awards in her remarkable blue sapphire jewelry. It was a beautiful creation by Harry Winston, featuring cushion-cut sapphires set in platinum. The necklace and earrings showed off a perfect balance of style and elegance with contrasting diamonds surrounding the sapphires in all the pieces. 

Amitabh Bachchan

The love of precious gemstones is pretty common among Indian celebrities as well. The superstar of the millennium, Amitabh Bachchan, wears a blue sapphire ring to attract good luck and lots of success in his acting career.

Katrina Kaif

The recently married Katrina Kaif rocks a gorgeous blue sapphire engagement ring, similar in design to Kate Middleton’s ring. It is a dazzling piece of jewelry from the Tiffany Soleste collection. The ring in platinum with a blue sapphire surrounded by sparkling diamonds.

Katie Holmes

The beautiful actress wore breathtakingly elegant blue sapphire and diamond ear studs during her wedding to Tom Cruise. It was a classic piece of jewelry with round sapphires flanked by diamonds.

Gwyneth Paltrow

When the actress showed off her blue sapphire engagement ring at the Producer’s Guild Awards in 2020, it became the talk of the town. The ring features a 12 carat stone with beautiful facets in a cushion shape. It is a solitaire ring that focuses on the gemstone on a plain metal band.

A R Rehman

The Oscar-winning Indian musician is known for his reserved character. But he has a strong philosophical disposition that allows him to portray great emotions in his music. The composer believes in the intense metaphysical powers of gemstones and wears a solitaire blue sapphire ring.

Many celebrities from the movie, music, and other fields wear blue sapphire jewelry for its beauty and charisma. Since ancient times, this gemstone has enameled the royalties and been a part of their collections. From Russian tsars to British monarchs, this gemstone has the honor of being possessed by the most influential personalities in human history. 

Why Do Celebrities Wear Blue Sapphire?

 When it comes to famous celebrities and personalities, every small details of their lives become gossip fodder for their followers. In recent years, colored gemstones have captured the attention of famous people who love flaunting their stunning jewelry, which no longer focuses only on diamonds. 

Blue sapphire has been an integral part of this journey since the bygone eras. From Napoleon Bonaparte’s famous engagement ring for Empress Josephine featuring a blue sapphire to Princess Diana’s engagement ring, this stone has never failed to impress even the royals. They wear this gemstone for its innate beauty and cosmic powers that bring more success and fame.

Many celebrities have been known to wear gemstone jewelry to improve their career, while some wear these jewels for beauty alone. No matter the purpose, blue sapphire is enigmatic and charming in every form. You can also partake in its beauty and magical properties by buying this gemstone from a well-known seller like GemPundit. These suppliers have a wide range of loose gemstones and stone jewelry with precious metals to suit every budget and need. Don’t forget to ask the seller about the stone’s authenticity as a treated or fake gemstone can neither impress nor improve your luck.          

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