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Chimney Inspection and Repair Keep Your Fireplace Working Safely – Have Your Chimney Assessed Yearly

The fireplace is a cozy place to warm your home during winter. But did you know that it could also be extremely hazardous to your family and home? Cracked or deteriorating linings, crumbling mortar and creosote buildup are all common issues which can cause dangers to your health and the environment. The problems could be hidden by your glance However, a thorough inspection by a skilled chimney sweeper can reveal the issues. This is why annual chimney checks are essential. By repairing your fireplace promptly you can have your fireplace back in perfect functioning condition and enjoy the safety of your fireplace for many years to follow!

It is important to perform periodic Chimney Sweep Wake County, NC maintenance to keep gas and wood-burning fireplaces running correctly and safely in the winter.

Chimney Inspection

An inspection is a quick and non-invasive examination of the most important components of your chimney and flue system. We suggest the chimney be inspected during your annual cleaning. Your chimney sweep will inspect for cracks, damage, or other issues with the crown, flue mortar, bricks, or flashing as well as with the damper and firebox. Sometimes, a video inspection can be carried out to make sure there aren’t any issues in difficult-to-see areas. If issues are discovered it is crucial to get them fixed quickly. Problems with cracks or mortar as well as weather-related damages will become more severe the longer they’re ignored.

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Chimney Repair

Cracks, leaks and other issues can result in fires at home or carbon monoxide poisoning and other potentially hazardous scenarios, so it’s essential to follow-up on your chimney inspection with the necessary repairs. Chimney repair is the job of professionals and it is essential that you employ a skilled technician to ensure complete and right-to-fix repairs to ensure that your home and family are secure. Repairs that are common include brick repointing, relining and caps installation.

Repointing and Repairing Brickwork: If the mortar in your chimney is degrading and is causing damage, it must be repaired or replaced. The mortar is basically the glue that holds the bricks together, when it starts to degrade it means that the bricks will no longer be securely held together. Your chimney could be ruined or even collapse! Repointing will ensure that the bricks stay in place, and the chimney’s structure remains strong. Broken or missing bricks must be replaced in order to ensure it’s looking and performing well. Brick repair and mortar repointing are not just for aesthetic reasons however, they solve chimney leaks as well as stop the deterioration.

Relining: The majority of chimneys older than that are lined with clay or fireproof tiles however, these materials may crack due to fires in chimneys and other issues. When your liner is cracked, it is no longer able to perform its job of shielding your chimney from heat and also preventing carbon monoxide from leaking. This liner or tile is best replaced with a contemporary stainless steel liner for maximum protection.

Caps: The chimney caps help keep animals and water from your chimney. Both of them can cause serious damage to your chimney and stop it from drawing properly, which is why it is essential to put a cap on it. We recommend that you install screened caps to keep bats, birds and other animals out.

If your fireplace has been damaged, you must get it fixed as soon as possible. While many problems with repair for fireplaces are just cosmetic, you shouldn’t make a mistake! Other safety hazards, such as structural or structural collapse could be the result of damaged fireplaces. So make sure that your chimney expert examines and repairs your fireplace, as well as your chimney.

For safety in fireplace operation ensure that you have the fireplace inspected annually. chimney examination. When you make sure to complete the recommended repairs, you will be able to be assured that your chimney and fireplace will not pose a threat to your family or home!

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