Chinese Acrobat Falls To Death Video – Discover Everything You Need to Know Here!

This article explains why the Chinese Acrobat Falls to Death Video is so popular on the Internet, as well as the real reasons behind this accident.

Are you amazed by the acrobats’ stunts? You must have been astonished by their aerial stunts and stunning moments. What if, unknowingly, the acrobats were to fall and take the life of the person they fell on? The person could have died!

Recent accidents have shocked the people in the Philippines and the United States. This article explains in detail the Chinese Acrobat Fall to Death Video accident, its causes, and its findings.

Causes of the accident

The video is a trending one that shows talented acrobats Sun Moumou, and Zhang Moumou, performing in the village of Hougao located in central Anhui Province. The Viral on Reddit started off well. Both were tied to a cable and flew through the air. However, they did not wear safety belts.

Sun stood on her husband’s feet during one stunt. Sun was supposed to grab her husband’s head and hold it, but she couldn’t. Her husband failed to help her. This is the real story behind the TikTok video. The wife of the acrobat fell 30 feet.

Everyone rushed her to hospital after she fell, but the acrobat died.


When we watch the clippings from the incident that became viral on Twitter carefully, it is clear that the woman lost her balance. The first attempt to save her failed. However, her husband could have saved her if he had been more focused during that moment. This is the opinion of many people on social media websites like .

Apparently, Sun did not wear her safety belt because she and her husband had fought before the performance.

The information was also shared on YouTube Channels.

In an interview with Zhung, he strongly disagreed with that news. He confirmed that the couple was a happy married one and expressed his pain at losing his wife. So, rumours about this clipping were spreading across the web and Telegram.

Reaction of the people to the clipping

Two different reactions were seen by the public: some expressed their sadness over the couple while others pointed out the host’s negligence. Sun did not wear a safety belt while performing stunts from 30 feet. The host then continued the show. The majority of the audience criticised that show’s poor safety measures.

Final Happening

The Acrobat falls to her death Full Video went viral and attracted global attention. The government officials investigated the matter and fined this program host for performing unapproved commercials in that region. The video prompted the officials to take action faster, but only because of the video.

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