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Christmastamp Shop Scam Or Genuine? {Jan 2023} Copied content

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You are looking for Christmastamp Shop reviews? You’re in the right spot. Let’s now see if it is a fraud or legitimate Christmastamp.Shop and if you should trust this site.

These are additional facts to prove that Christmastamp Shop scam website:

Contact Information

Its email addresses “[email protected] .com, [email protected] .com and [email protected] .com” are found to be used by multiple scam sites.

Brand Misuse

It is using the United States Postal Service’s name in a misleading way by using the United States Postal Service’s logo and website name without any association with the United States Postal Service.

NOTE: It is not using the United States Postal Service’s name at the time of this review. However, it may misuse another brand or change its website details entirely in the future. Many scam sites of the same nature are doing the same.

Social Media Presence

The social media icon for the business’s page on social media is not available. Most online shops offer social media icons to be linked to their profiles, pages, and social media groups. You might not find it on social media.

Copied content

Numerous details and the website theme match multiple scam sites.

It mentioned the domain name of a different website than its own website on a few policy pages. STAMPSSHOP, however, has not given any details about the link it has with that website. Legit companies are known to always mention any connection with sister websites.

Sale and Discount Offers

You can find a lot of products for sale on this site, with substantial discounts. These types of discounts are often offered by scam websites to get people involved in their scam. These products are listed on the site: Flag 2017 ROLL, U.S. Flag 2019, Geometric Snowflake 2015 and Christmas Carol 2017, Holiday Delights 2020. Flag 2022 Stamps, etc.

Customer complaints and delivery

Many online stores offer similar products and have customer complaints about the quality of their delivery time, product quality, and customer support.


We can verify that Christmastamp Shop scams online, based on all of the facts.

You can see the many suspicious sites in our Suspicious category. Scroll down to read our Scams category. Or, navigate through our website’s home page and view the numerous informative articles that are divided into different categories by clicking

Please leave feedback about this company by clicking the link below. This review can be shared with your loved ones via social media to inform them about the online store.

NOTE: These websites are known to change the name and content of their websites from time-to-time. This review was based upon the information available on the website at the date mentioned.

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